She-Hulk: Just Jen

Uh, Jen? It’s not just your muscles that got really big…

The writers on She-Hulk are clearly having fun with everything they can get their hands on, including dating and sex in the superhero world, the weird way the law would work in a world with superhumans, and random Easter eggs and cameos. This week we get a fairly obscure character and the perils of being a bridesmaid. There’s a lot of comedy but some hints at something darker going on behind the scenes in “Just Jen.”

The episodes opens with Jen being invited to a wedding, and just from the invitation, we get hints that it’s not going to be a great time for Jen. Later, she packs and chats with Nikki, giving us a bit more background on what’s going on. This beginning bit wraps up with Jen talking to the audience again, a comment about weddings in general, and more games with the title card, like in last week’s episode.

She-Hulk arrives at the wedding, and while most of the guests are thrilled and intrigued, Lulu, the bride-to-be, is less so, displaying the stereotypical bride trope of “This is my day, no one should even be looking at anyone else.” Jen noticed all the other bridesmaids have groomsmen, and wonders about this, but is reassured they have someone for her. Jen clearly lacks “spidey-sense.”

Back at work, Nikki is working with Mallory for some reason. Don’t get me wrong, I like Nikki a lot, and she and Mallory make a great team, but lawyers usually have their own paralegals. Either Mallory doesn’t, hers is missing, or Nikki did something kinda ruthless to team up with another interesting character. Their client is Craig Hollis, Mr. Immortal, who has a rather unique way of getting out of marriages, albeit one that causes legal complications.

Mister Immortal, comic book version

Mr. Immortal is another deep cut from the comics. Created by the talented John Byrne in 1989, “Mr. I” first popped up in the West Coast Avengers title, leading a team of less-than-impressive would-be heroes known as the Great Lakes Avengers. For a character usually portrayed as fairly goofy (as he is on this show), Mr. Immortal has a strange background involving cosmic beings and lots of deaths around him. All you really need to know is he heals from everything that’s happened to him so far, coming back from what should be fatal injuries with ease. In the comics, he’s usually athletic, acrobatic, and a good hand-to-hand fighter, but this one doesn’t seem to share those traits. He’s also a bit of a jerk on this show, and Mallory and Nikki are both not impressed with the man, although he does make a dramatic exit from their meeting.

At the wedding, Jen’s friend Lulu shows new lack-of-depth (shallows?) every time she talks, as is the case when she presses Jen for details about her love life, ignoring Jen’s impressive accomplishments and powers. Things take a turn when Titania arrives, claiming to be dating one of the friends of the groom. Jen finds this hard to believe, but Lulu falls for it hook, line, and sinker. Stalking outside, Jen tries to collect herself, has a good encounter with Josh, another guest, and then gets some unpleasant tasks tossed her way by Lulu, who is increasingly unlikeable. At the office, Mallory and Nikki try to figure out what to do about the tangled mess Mr. Immortal has set up, and we get a hint about something that might be a problem later.

Things cut back and forth from the wedding to the law office a lot over most of the rest of the show. Jen’s day gets increasingly worse as we see the bridesmaid dresses and she both gets assigned more tasks she shouldn’t have to do and finally sees her “date.” Mr. Immortal’s exes show up, and it’s a group impressive for both the number and the diversity. As Jen suffers through her annoying cousin Ched being the wedding DJ (who thought this was a good idea?), Mallory and Nikki learn that while the assorted exes have a common enemy, they’re not exactly united.

Jen tries to call Bruce, who we know is way outside the calling plan, then she gets drunk, flirts with Josh, drinks way too much, and we end up learning what Titania’s cunning plan was (please note the heavy sarcasm here). Things take a turn that should have been ugly, but Lulu is so drunk she apparently doesn’t remember things she said near the start of the episode. Mallory is smart enough to stand back and watch Nikki go when the paralegal gets on a roll, and there’s a very entertaining scene of the settlement and payouts. Later, the two legal experts share wine and a bit about their personal lives, then make a disturbing discovery when they follow up on something one of the exes said. Things finish off with Nikki leaving her friend a warning, Jen and Josh sharing some fries (Jen really does have a thing for French fries), and some hints that someone a lot more formidable than Titania is keeping an eye on Jen. There’s no live end scene, but the closing illustrations are entertaining, as they have been throughout the series.

What I Liked: The humor continues to entertain me, and the wedding was amusing. I hope for Jen’s sake that Josh is what he seems to be, but I have my doubts. I’d almost argue the Mallory and Nikki scenes overshadowed the supposedly main plot, and Nikki is really getting more and more entertaining. I’d love to see her go on a date with Luis from the Ant-Man movies. I think they’d make an interesting pairing.

What I Didn’t: The scenes with Mr. Immortal didn’t do much aside from provide comic relief and show what a weird place the MCU is. His big dramatic exit from his first meeting with Nikki and Malloy seemed a bit improbable. The wedding really got kind of out of hand with its level of awfulness to and for Jen. They really are drawing out the promised Daredevil appearance.

It was another fun outing for Jen and her friends. Or friend, I guess. She needs to get out more. At any rate, I’ll give this a 4 out of 5. I’m curious to see where they go next.