She-Hulk: Just Jen

The writers on She-Hulk are clearly having fun with everything they can get their hands on, including dating and sex in the superhero world, the weird way the law would work in a world with superhumans, and random Easter eggs and cameos. This week we get a fairly obscure character and the perils of being…

Coming Attractions: Marvel Announcements from SDCC

San Diego Comic Con, SDCC as most call it, is a hugely anticipated fan event. It’s the place where, among other things, a lot of big announcments are made. This year is no expection, and the folks at Marvel did a lot of talking about forthcoming projects. We got some character confirmations, specific release dates…


She Hulk #12 (Series Finale)

This is the final issue of this run. I’m going to be doing a separate piece later on why I think this series failed. Because, by most standards, if you only make it twelve issues and that wasn’t the plan from the start, something went wrong.