She-Hulk: The People Vs. Emil Blonsky

Yes, we talk about our clients. You didn’t know that?

Among the many things I’ve been enjoying about the MCU is that they are willing to try new genres. Under the superhero umbrella, we’ve gotten spy thrillers, horror movies, adventure, and comedy. She-Hulk is in the last category, as we’ve seen the trials and tribulations of Jennifer Walters, lawyer turned reluctant hero. Now we get a few surprising guests, a bit more time for a secondary character, and Jen and She-Hulk both in action in “The People Vs. Emil Blonsky.”

The episode starts with a very annoyed Jennifer stalking into the still unnamed prison. After the footage from the fight club we saw in Shang-Chi, Jen has some questions for her client, and isn’t happy about the turn her case has taken. Emil, still unruffled, gives her the answers he has. Driving back to the office, Jen talks with Nikki, who gives her what information she can on the newest complication in her life: Wong, the Sorcerer Supreme. This is also another opportunity for a fourth-wall-breaking chat with our lead character.

Back at the office, Jennifer and Nikki have very different takes on the coverage Jennifer has been getting in the news, and we see a sampling of ugly, misogynistic comments that are mirroring some of what people are posting in the real world about this show. Nikki also has a more realistic view of the media coverage that her friend is getting, as opposed to Jennifer’s doing her best to ignore it. An annoyed She-Hulk has been called to her boss’ office, and things get even worse as she sees the newest client is her former co-worker, the smarmy and generally gross Dennis. Jennifer is spared from most of the agonizing interview with Dennis the Twit when Wong portals in out of thin air. To his credit, Holloway seems utterly unphased. Jen and Wong leave as Dennis explains his problem to Pug, who gets stuck with trying to make sense of Dennis’ comments about Asgardian shapeshifters and Megan Thee Stallion.

Jennifer gets a taste of how strange the superhuman world really is during her interview with Wong. He makes a passing reference to what seems like it must be the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home, as well as several options for how to handle things that both confuse and disturb Jen. Dennis and Pug go over Dennis’ case, and we get a first-hand example of the problems their opponent can cause.

Returning to the prison, Jennifer deals with a media gauntlet and gets weird questions lobbed at her, ranging from superhero turn-downs to a nod to her actual comic book origin. Inside, it’s finally time for Emil’s parole hearing, and it’s obvious from the first that Jen’s fighting an uphill battle. As the hearing goes on, there’s testimony about Emil changing from the man himself and various staff members, even including a guard Emil’s been helping. Finally, as things are looking a bit grim, Wong portals in to offer his own testimony. In the other court proceeding, we hear some interesting arguments from both sides, and I end up feeling a little bad for the shifter’s lawyer.

Wong gives some very compelling testimony about Emil’s forays into the fight club, and gives Jen’s case a major boost. Emil gets his own idea about helping with the hearing, and does something that sets off a lot of chaos in the wake of Wong’s abrupt departure. In the bar, Jennifer complains about protestors and Pug joins the ladies. Nikki shows some great insight as Jen gets in another comment to the audience, and then their banter gives Pug an idea. This leads to Jen giving testimony that manages to both help Dennis’ case and make Dennis himself look like an idiot, which had to be fun for her. The case goes well, there’s a surprise cameo, and Dennis is his usual idiotic self but also gives Jennifer an idea, which she comments on to us.

Returning to the prison, Jennifer and Emil get some good news, although with a lot of conditions attached. Emil gives Jennifer some good advice, and she ends up following it, although it goes a bit off track almost as soon as it starts. Coming home, Jennifer has a run-in with a very weakened version of some classic Thor villains. She easily comes out on top in the encounter, although we learn there’s more to it than meets the eye. We once again get some amusing scenes in the end credits, as well as Jennifer getting a new client and Holloway once again showing he’s pretty much unflappable.

What I Liked: I am really enjoying the show’s warped sense of humor. The scenes with Emil were entertaining, and the ones with Dennis were well crafted. Wong’s scenes were fantastic, and the secondary court scenes were well done. I liked seeing the Wrecking Crew, but…

What I Didn’t: …that group of villains can take on Thor. They shouldn’t just be getting swatted around in a dark alley with no real effort. I get we might not see him again this series, but I missed Bruce checking in on his cousin. I’m curious why Jen didn’t bring up the military experiments she was looking into as a mitigating circumstance, like they were hinting at last episode.

I’m having a lot of fun with this. I’ll give this a 3.5 out of 5, and wonder what craziness they’ll get up to next. As well as looking forward to a particular guest star that’s been confirmed.