Harley Quinn: A Seat at the Table


This is NOT a table I want to be at. Or near. 


There’s a line from an Eagle’s song that goes “What do you do when your dream comes true and it’s not quite like you planned?” That’s pretty much where Harley finds herself now that she’s in the Legion of Doom. Nothing quite goes how she hoped now that she’s got “A Seat at the Table.”

She gets an orientation, complete with cheesy video, as she gets shown around the place. There’s a big welcome party for her that stuns her, and then she’s floored when the Joker is actually nice to her. While King Shark goes on another entertaining tangent about his family, Clayface says what many of them are actually worried about. The party goes on with Harley casting glances where she shouldn’t be and the Joker chatting with Captain Marvel’s foe Black Adam. Later, Harley tries to make up for the argument she and Ivy had last episode. The conversation is stiff at first, but Ivy finally shares her newest plan, targeting Planetwide Pavers. Harley agrees to help and they make plans to work together on it.


Harley gets shown to her new office that has some thoughtful gifts, but the rest of her crew isn’t being treated quite as well. Bane, another character being played for laughs in this series, has an unusual plan set up and apparently has the clout to make the crew go along with it, which doesn’t make anyone happy. At the titular big table, there’s a meeting of the Legion, with odd ideas being pitched and debates about Pixar and some sequels. Joker launches on some grandiose scheme and Harley takes a stand against it. Some of that might be personal pique on her part, but she actually raises some good points. After the meeting, Bane is used for more cheap humor and Joker has some surprising things to say to Harley.


The team isn’t at all happy about how things are working out for them, and bring their concerns to Harley. She listens in a distracted way and promises to help them out. Her questionable methods involve going out for dinks with Joker, because what could go wrong there? They talk a lot, and there’s a passing line that explains someone else’s problem from earlier in the episode. While Ivy goes over her plans alone and has an odd talk with Frank the plant, Joker and Harley get a present from a waitress that sends things off in a bad direction. Our lead character ends up blowing off her plans with Ivy, which doesn’t sit well with anyone.


The rest of the team get dragged off on a non-important mission that none of them care about, and are even less happy as their calls to their leader go unanswered. Harley and Joker continue their chat, covering current projects and Zach Braff. This leads to more drinks, kidnapping, piracy, and a run-in with the Dark Knight. Joker does something surprising, and then something I’ll bet a lot of people saw coming. You know it’s bad when Batman is expressing sympathy.


Events pick up momentum as the gang’s job goes about as poorly as you might think. Someone gets badly injured, and relationships are strained by who shows up at the medbay and who doesn’t. By the time that everyone’s together, things have seriously gone downhill. There’s a series of partings as someone realizes all their mistakes a bit too late. The episode closes with someone trying something on their own and evidently walking into an ambush.


What I liked: The overall humor is still entertaining, and I’m enjoying the takes on the main characters, for the most part. Alan Tudyk does great double duty as Clayface and Joker. The general absurdity of the show continues to be amusing. I’m intrigued by the ending.


What I didn’t: I’m not wild about how they use some of the characters. A lot of this plot was easy to see coming a mile off, in broad outline if not exact detail.


The overall episode had the feel of one of those old After-School Special morality plays. I’ll give this one a low 3 out of 5.