Titans: Barbara Gordon

The Titans, a live action series that started on the now-defunct DC Universe and migrated to HBO Max along with Doom Patrol, returns for their third season. Season two ended with the tragic (and poorly written) death of Donna Troy, AKA Wonder Girl.

Harley Quinn: Dye Hard

After a long string of not managing to take responsibility for things she’s done (arguably running headlong from it), Harley is finally getting some self-awareness after the chaos of the “Bachelorette.”

Harley Quinn: The Final Joke

Last episode ended with the shocking death of Poison Ivy, the triumph of the Joker, and things looking horrible for the crew. Now they need to figure out how to get back on top in “The Final Joke.”

Harley Quinn: Devil’s Snare

Picking up from where last episode left off, the crew has a major battle raging. Scarecrow’s new potion has twisted an aspect of Ivy’s powers, and the resulting ugly is rampaging through Gotham’s Robinson Park.

Harley Quinn: A Seat at the Table

   There’s a line from an Eagle’s song that goes “What do you do when your dream comes true and it’s not quite like you planned?” That’s pretty much where Harley finds herself now that she’s in the Legion of Doom.

Harley Quinn: Finding Mr. Right

Harley has a goal and a crew, but she has a ways to go in order to get where she wants to be. This episode brings in a few other DC names, some famous people voicing them, and a few odd analogies that I’ve actually heard before.

Harley Quinn: So You Need A Crew?

In the first episode, we met the players and got a general idea of who’s who. In the second, we got something of an idea of what Harley wanted and a few of the obstacles in her way. Now, she’s starting to work on actually getting what she wants, and, of course, that doesn’t go smoothly.