Iron Fist: Citadel on the Edge of Vengeance


Come see lovely Sokovia

The last season of Iron Fist is almost over, as a few pieces slide around and some unlikely alliances are made. We’re building up to the big showdown we know is coming, and the various other plots are heading for their dramatic conclusions as well. Keeping up the trend of borrowing titles used in comics, “Citadel on the Edge of Vengeance” was a story in Marvel Premier 17 back in 1974. Once again, I have no idea how that title works for anything in the episode.

Colleen and Danny do some more training, and she lectures him about staying in control. Colleen expresses some concerns about Davos being Danny’s blind spot, and that’s more than fair. As they keep going on their preparations, Davos is training his new recruits. He’s creating a very Cobra Kai environment among his pupils. I don’t think Danny, or Lei Kung, their teacher back in K’un-Lun, would approve.

Doing some post-workout stretching, Colleen comments the word is getting around about their Davos spotting system. Danny smiles, agreeing with her the word is getting out. How he addresses her seems to disturb her a bit, and she corrects him. There’s more talk about the high-tech Rand brace speeding his recovery along, although I’m not sure how long it’s been at this point. Colleen gives a lot more credit for the recovery to Danny, and they talk about Colleen’s past. They talk about their goals in training, and Danny admits he’s got some weaknesses, which is a big step forward for him. They get an alert from their phone system, and go see what’s going on.

Davos and Chen meet up, and Chen cautions Davos that they are moving in to dangerous territory, offering to help out. Davos gives a flat, brutal assessment of Chen’s character and they move on. Just ahead of them, Danny and Colleen get to Mrs. Yang and warn her of the oncoming doom that is Davos. Yang and her gang aren’t happy to see Danny or Colleen, and don’t seem impressed with the warning. They finally get moving, just before Davos shows up and batters the door down, Iron Fist style. Colleen helps Danny do the smart thing as they get everyone out. Chen sees them, and he and Colleen square off. This is another example of how much the show’s fight choreography has improved. It’s a great action sequence and Chen gets surprised by Colleen’s skill. Davos and Chen bicker in the aftermath of the failed raid, and Chen notices something that explains a lot.

Elsewhere, Walker wakes up back in her (their?) apartment, and isn’t happy to see time has passed. She sees the note Mary left and watches the video message. Part of it clearly bothers her, and she listens to it several times. Joy goes to visit Davos, and watches the students train together. She has a chat with BB, and takes something from him, giving him some sound advice. They don’t exactly get along.

Mrs. Yang surprises Danny and Colleen with the council she has called together. They very much seem to be banking on that old bit about “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Danny and Colleen bring warnings that are ignored, and get no takers for their plan. It’s not a good meeting. At whatever we’re calling Davos’ place (K’un-Lun, New York office?), he’s surprised to see Joy there. She talks about her goals and plans, and they go for a walk, past the very observant Chen. Joy gives a sort of long parable about how they can help each other. She essentially tries to give him a crash course in marketing, and he considers her words in his own, megalomaniacal way.

Walker was so rattled by Mary’s message that she goes to see a psychiatrist. We learn more about her past, and get another tie to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. The doctor asks some good questions, and Walker is unsure about some of her answers. It sounds like there’s more to Mary and Walker than even they know about. The doctor makes some suggestions, and Walker responds with threats, but at least she didn’t kill him outright. Ward, after his big surprise last time, is seeking to start making amends at a florist, where he confuses the woman working there with his caustic comments, mostly making fun of himself. He gets a call from Joy, which surprises him in and of itself, and then goes on with more surprises. Joy asks him a favor, which he cautiously and hesitantly agrees to. The call ends and the only one more lost than Ward is the florist.

For all her talk of emotional control, Colleen is now upset about Yang’s plans, and rants a bit. Danny tries to reassure her, which is a switch. She’s really not happy about a lot of things right now, and the conversation expands to cover their relationship and the strain the training is putting on it, or at least her. After what I believe was another test for Danny, she takes him on a field trip to a surprising location.

Ward goes to Joy’s place, following up on her request. Joy isn’t home, but Walker is there, surprising both of them. Ward continues his dark humor about himself, and Walker asks for a favor. Ward isn’t inclined to play along, even when threatened. Maybe he’s used to that by now. She mentions the wrong agency as she presses about her favor (saying DOJ when I’m fairly sure she meant DOD), and Ward makes a discovery that helps him puzzle out what Joy is doing, and it worries him a lot. He and Walker discuss a deal, which neither of them seem happy with.

Davos announces a trip to everyone, and Chen questions bringing the students along. There’s a lot of bad energy swirling around, and BB tries to make up an excuse to get out of the trip. His fellow students aren’t buying, and he doesn’t have to go, but not how he imagined. Joy waits for the others to go, makes her own deal with BB, and starts on her true goal at Davos’ place. Davos has brought his students to see Mr. Yip, the restaurant owner who can’t seem to catch a break.  A decent idea falls apart under Davos’ paranoia and skewed views, and Yip’s luck gets worse. There’s some fallout among the students, and things keep going downhill. Danny and Colleen get where they’re going, and she offers a few explanations about the place and why they are there.

Joy and BB finally succeed, and she sends him scurrying off to Colleen’s place. I don’t know if she’s feeling guilty or has had another change of heart, but she’s risking a lot at this point to undo something she helped make happen. Her attempt to stall for time goes better than she would have thought, as Davos is ticked off about his earlier attempt not going how he wanted. He’s essentially a very dangerous child having a tantrum. Davos goes off to sulk, and Joy and Chen have a conversation full of hints and threats and some interesting exchanges.

Danny and Colleen do their unorthodox training, and there’s more great choreography involved. Colleen gets some more lessons in, between their exchanges of blows, and spurs Danny onward with his road to recovery. Afterward, he’s very thoughtful, and comes up with an interesting idea I hadn’t considered that Colleen doesn’t seem to care for at all.

What I liked: As I mention above, the fight choreography has gotten better this season.  The developments with Walker are interesting. Colleen does very well, both in her training and her clash with Chen. I once again surprise myself by feeling bad for Ward.

What I didn’t: There are a lot of shifting and/or unclear allegiances here. I’m not entirely sure why Joy is doing what she is. Chen is on his own side, which I can understand. Davos seems to be getting to the point of bad for bad’s sake, considering his actions and approval of the fallout in that alley. The Yang faction is being very short sighted.

This was largely a “put things in motion as the finale comes closer” episode. For that, it was decent. I’ll give this a high 3 out of 5.