Iron Fist: Morning of the Mindstorm


You thought YOUR home life was rough? 


Iron Fist continues recycling titles from the comics in their second season. In this case, “Morning of the Mindstorm” comes from Marvel Premier 25. The titles seem to have a tenuous connection at best to what actually happens in the episode, as is the case here. There are developments on numerous fronts, and a few reveals I didn’t remotely see coming.

The story starts with Danny, in bad shape after the (leg) crushing events of last episode. He’s wheeled into the ER and then surgery, and he looks horrible. Davos did a number on him. Colleen and Misty get brought in, and there’s the usual long wait on bad chairs. There’s a slight screw up with extra placement here, as one actor is in the same place and pose in several of the “time lapse” shots. Eventually, Colleen is brought to Danny, who holds her hand.

A very bored looking Chen Wu drinks while Davos handles business in the next room, including punching through the wall. Gradually, it becomes clear this is Ryhno and company’s hideout, and Davos is redecorating, although why I’m not sure. The gang comes in, not happy, and try and act tough. As usual, they are out of their depth, and Chen shows he has some serious skill. When one of them pulls a gun finally, Davos steps in and gets their attention. Davos makes the kids a surprising offer.  As he leaves, Ryhno comments, “That is one strange dude,” and I agree with him. I also wonder how Davos is funding all this. He doesn’t seem to be taking money from the crooks he’s offing along the way.

Misty meets up with Captain Pike, and makes her own offer. It is much less welcome, and she comes to a realization that surprises her. She appeals to the man, but he doesn’t much seem to care. After a veiled reference to Luke Cage, Pike sends her on her way. Not pleased, Misty goes back to share the lack of progress with Colleen. Those two really do click well together. They commiserate on current events, and we learn a bit more about Danny’s treatment. Misty is surprised to hear Ward has been helping. Colleen is also struggling with the ledger she recovered from Frank Choi’s shop after her bit of MC Escher-like breaking and entering.

Danny surprises them both when he hobbles in, having discharged himself from the hospital. Misty updates Danny on the growing body count Davos is racking up. Undeterred by Misty’s news, Colleen suggests their own plan, much like they were following before. Danny offers some information he heard from Ward, which gives Misty a place to look. Misty offers a well-meant compliment to Danny, who doesn’t agree with it at all. Things are tense after Misty leaves, but Danny acknowledges he’s being difficult, and Colleen offers some suggestions.

Misty pays a call on Joy, who isn’t happy to see her. They spar for a few minutes before Misty tells Joy why she’s there. Joy, whether feeling bad about the news of Danny’s injury or just wanting Misty to go away, offers up some useful information, and a slight warning. Misty and Joy are just never going to get along. Misty makes some observations about Joy’s home improvements on her way out.

Danny is helping at the community center, and clearly not feeling great. He’s shouldering a lot of blame for what Davos is doing, and I’m not sure all of that is warranted. He attributes some of his success to Davos pushing him in training, and is worried the police are going to kill his foster brother. Colleen empathizes, comparing this to her own very mixed feelings about Bakudo. What was a very tense scene turns into a much sweeter moment.

Ward is not taking any of this well, and is back to serious day drinking. Bethany, with some help from Ward’s assistant, manages to find him, and tries to get him out of the bar and into a meeting. Ward isn’t ready for this, and is back to being a serious jerk. He manages to insult his bartender while arguing with Bethany, and then gets a bit grabby as she wants to go. The bartender steps in and Ward shows he seriously doesn’t share Danny’s skill at fighting.

Davos takes another name off Chen’s list, and then surprises Chen with his next plan. They clearly don’t understand each other for much of this scene. Chen’s reminding Davos that his talents extend past driving finally helped me figure out what they remind me of. Chen and Davos are kind of like an updated Green Hornet and Kato, except while those two pretended to be criminals, these two really are. Although they’d probably disagree with that, so maybe they’re even more alike than I thought. Davos deals with some petty criminals they happen to run across, and Chen is clearly growing a bit disenchanted with his leader.

Misty visits Mika the auctioneer, and presses for some information about the bowl that is such a key part of this weird chi transferring ceremony. Mika goes on about how rare it was, and part of a special collection. As she shows Misty more, Mika mentions the owner’s name: Ernst Erskine. It’s an unusual name, and connects to another part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe based in New York. Abraham Erskine was the man who invented the super soldier serum that turned scrawny Steve Rogers into powerful Captain America. The son of the man who created Cap was interested in artefacts that told about a legendary hidden city with fabled warriors. I wonder if Ernst was trying to carry on his father’s work? At any rate, Mika shows Misty an antique hanging that Misty takes a lot of pictures of, although Mika doesn’t recognize the name “K’un-Lun.” They part on a cutting remark from Mika about Joy.

Speaking of, Joy goes to see Walker, or tries to. Mary answers the door, and Joy takes a few minutes to put it together. They talk about the situation, and Mary at least recognizes Davos’ name. Joy talks about Davos, and Danny, and how much she needs Walker. Mary tells her Walker is gone for a while. Mary shows a remarkable amount of sympathy for Joy and even Walker as they talk about Walker’s plans. It’s a long, meandering conversation that ends with Joy leaving and Mary making a choice.

Misty drops by and joins Danny and Colleen for dinner, although she doesn’t like the fare. I guess Danny has adjusted since moving in with Colleen, because this is a departure from how we saw him eat back in the Defenders series. Misty shares her finds, and manages to piece some of it together using her skill at reconstructing crime scenes. Danny is interested, and goes over the pictures carefully. Misty leaves after making some cryptic comments about getting them some more help. I’d hope this was going to be Luke, but I’m pretty sure he’s not in this season. It does get her out of the dinner she wasn’t happy about.

Danny comes up with an idea, but Colleen doesn’t like it. Personally, on this one thing, I think she’s being a bit overdramatic. They argue a bit and Colleen retreats to the bedroom while Danny does some redecorating. I don’t like how either of them handles this. Bethany goes to a meeting, and does a lot of sharing. Ward, apparently about to join, lingers in the hallway and hears some surprising things. I’m hoping this is enough to kick him on to the right path, and from where this is happening in the season, it might be. Mary leaves a message for someone close to her and takes a big risk, name dropping one of the locations in the Avengers movies as part of it.

Joy pays a visit to Davos, and is really not subtle about why she’s there, but he seems to buy it. An unexpected arrival interrupts their conversation while Davos greets other guests. Davos shows he likes to talk a lot, and takes a title for himself that is generally bestowed, not claimed. The episode ends with Colleen finally helping Danny, but, again, with an extra helping of drama-flakes and some questionable methods, given Danny’s condition.

What I liked: Whatever differences they are having, Danny and Colleen clearly care for each other. I’m hoping this episode doesn’t screw that up. Now that I have it in my head, I can’t get the Davos/Chen Green Hornet/Kato image out of my head, and it amuses me. I liked Mika’s scene with Misty. Like most decently written villains, Davos truly believes he’s doing the right thing. His new project is an interesting step on that path. I really like Colleen and Misty as partners. Mary made a courageous decision.
What I didn’t: I’m disappointed in Ward. I agree he’s having a rough time, but he’s not making any progress. I’m very worried Danny and Colleen are headed for trouble after the end of this. I understand, but really don’t like, what Pike is doing. Mrs. Yang seemed to be plotting something the last time we saw her, but has disappeared since.

It was a solid, but not fantastic, episode. I’ll give it a 3 out of 5.