Who’s Who in Iron Fist


Iron Fist, the fourth of the announced Netflix series, begins streaming in March. As I’ve been doing for the other series, I’ll give a run down of some of the major characters before the show starts. I will say that as I write this, the show airs in roughly two months and this doesn’t seem like a full cast list to me. The bios below are their comic book versions.

ironfistIron Fist- Young Danny Rand was on a trip in the Himalayas with his parents and their business partner, Harold Meachum. Danny’s father, Wendell, had years ago learned of the hidden city of K’un L’un, and was trying to find it again. Harold turned on Wendell, staging a “climbing accident” to gain control of their company, Rand-Meachum. Danny’s mother, Heather, died saving the boy’s life as they found the city. Danny grew up in K’un L’un, training in their martial arts. As an adult, he returned to New York and claimed his inheritance. He also became the masked hero Iron Fist, using his skills to defend the weak. One thing that makes Iron Fist different from most heroes is that his powers can actually heal people, which I hope they include on the show.

Colleen Wing- Colleen was born in Japan to a mother with samurai heritage and a father who was an American professor. In New York, she started having adventures, drawing on her martial arts training. She was a frequent ally of Power Man and Iron Fist, and business wingpartner with Misty Knight. She also went on a few adventures with the X-Men. Colleen usually stays based in New York, and almost always appears with either Iron Fist or Misty Knight.

Joy Meachum- Daughter of Harold Meachum, she blamed Iron Fist for her father’s death and tried to kill the martial arts hero on several occasions. Eventually, she realized she was wrong and became an ally of Iron Fist, running the company for his Danny Rand identity. She’s a good business woman and a very intelligent operator.

Claire Temple- Well, if you’ve watched the other Netflix shows, you’ve seen her. She’s the only character to make it into season one of all four series. I’m wondering if they’ll manage to get her to at least guest star on Punisher when that one cycles in. She’s a brilliant nurse who has learned a lot about superhumans, how they work, and how to treat them when wounded.

Ringmaster- I have no idea why they are using this character, or how it’s going to work. In ringmasterthe comics, he leads a band of villains called the Circus of Crime. He has no powers, but relies on being a good planner and the hypnotic device in his top hat. No, really. I think this is the goofiest character they’ve used for one of the Netflix shows yet.

Misty Knight- Oddly, they only list her as being in one episode of the series. In the comics, she’s Iron Fist’s long term, on again, off again, love interest. Misty was a police detective who lost her arm in a job-related incident and mistygot a bionic replacement. She and Colleen Wing work together in a company called Nightwing Restorations, and are also called the Daughters of the Dragon.

I have to admit that after all hints they dropped about Madam Gao, I’m disappointed I’m not seeing her in the series so far.