Supergirl: Exodus


If we don’t like you, we’ll deport you. That sounds… familiar.

Relatively recently, Arrow dipped into politics in “Spectre of the Gun.” Deliberately or not, Supergirl seems to following suit on the immigration front in “Exodus.” If they didn’t write this with some of the current issues regarding deportation, refugees, and immigration in mind, it’s a really striking series of coincidences.

The show opens with a family on a road trip. It looks like a normal scene until they get pulled over. It’s not just a traffic stop, as the family gets dragged from the car by the cop and a van full of henchmen. As they are taken away, we see they are aliens. Considering Jeremiah stole the alien registry last session, it’s not a big leap to guess that these are Cadmus thugs.

At the DEO, the team reviews that there have been twenty alien abductions in the last few days. J’Onn reluctantly declares Jeremiah an enemy combatant (which is a weird term) to be arrested on sight. Supergirl worries that they need to warn the other aliens who may be at risk. Mon-El offers to warn everyone at “the alien dive bar.” See, he works there, and even he doesn’t  know the name of the place.

Kara tries to use her reporter job to get the word out to the aliens at risk. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have the reputation or the freedom her cousin Clark does on the job. Snapper refuses to run the story without confirmation from multiple sources. Kara parries with an offer for him to interview Supergirl directly.

At Nameless (I’ll give it a title if no one else will), Maggie and Alex are playing pool. Alex is clearly still upset about her father’s betrayal, and equally clearly in denial. Alex complains that she’s the only one left who believes in him. Well, considering what he’s done so far, I’m not sure Alex should be giving him the benefit of the doubt.

In another part of the bar, Lyra and Winn are being the unbearably cute new couple, and James seems to be amused by it. Lyra and Winn enthuse over the movie Dune. When she goes off to get more drinks, James and Winn talk about the new relationship, and Winn says he’s taking it slow. Which is not at all what it looks like. The bar once again comes under attack, this time by Cadmus thugs. Lyra, Maggie, and Alex fight pretty well, but the Cadmus thugs get away with all the aliens. I’m not sure how they differentiated the aliens from the human-looking aliens, but they managed it. Alex almost gets captured herself by letting someone get the drop on her, but James pops up as Guardian and drops the Cadmus gunsel. So at least they get a prisoner out of it.

At the DEO, they’re getting nowhere. James is freaking out about Lyra being taken (so much for taking it slow), and he blames Jeremiah. Alex looks deeply hurt by this. J’Onn says Cadmus did something to the prisoner so he can’t telepathically read him. Alex goes down to the holding cell and goes full-blown bad cop on him, beating the prisoner until J’Onn pulls her off.

After a bit of secret identity round-about, Snapper gets his interview with Supergirl, who comes in via the balcony she used to meet Cat Grant on (I miss Cat). Snapper is professional, and asks follow up questions Supergirl can’t answer. Apparently, despite them being in a skyscraper downtown now, the DEO is still notionally a secret agency, so Supergirl can’t give him any useful information. Snapper refuses to run the story without confirmation.

What follows is a very important scene that I apparently have a different feel for than the writers of the show. Jeremiah shows up at Alex’s place and asks her to steal something from the DEO to help him. She agrees, at which point Jeremiah shifts back into J’Onn, who was testing her. Since she failed the test, he suspends her. I’ll get back to this later.

The real Jeremiah is at Cadmus, working with Lilian. Oddly, he’s now dressed the same way J’Onn was while impersonating him, and there was no way for J’Onn to know that. I’ll call this lazy costuming. Lilian tells Jeremiah he’s all the Superman they need, as we see aliens herded onto a giant space ship.

At Alex’s place, Kara comes by to visit her and Maggie. Alex bewails J’Onn being so unfair to her. Kara disagrees with J’Onn’s methods, but says he was right to suspend her. She then rushes off to try and find a way to get the warning out to the remaining aliens on the list. Maggie actually agrees with Alex, and says if protecting her father is what she’s going to do, then that’s what Maggie will help her with.

Kara bumps into Lena at work. Apparently, they were supposed to go do something and Kara forgot with everything going on. Lena is remarkably understanding, not only not holding it against her, but agreeing to go through the L-Corp database to find anything that might help locate the missing aliens. Lena also suggests that, if Snapper won’t help get the word out, Kara should do it herself via a blog.

The traffic stop into alien abduction (except reverse of the way the term usually works) bit gets stopped this time when Alex and Maggie ambush the Cadmus thugs. How they managed to find them when the entire DEO couldn’t, I’m not sure. Alex manages to hack the van’s GPS and get the location of the Cadmus base. Showing further brilliant judgement, Alex goes in alone, and Maggie lets her. While this bit of tactical excellence goes on, Lena finds a clue in her records, but we also learn that there’s a traitor in Lena’s offices. Then, predictably, Alex gets captured at the base.

Jeremiah tries to explain what’s going on to Alex. He says the aliens will be deported to Takron-Galtos. In the Legion of Super Heroes era, Takron-Galtos is a prison planet, holding some of the deadliest criminals in known space. Alex points out the aliens on Earth are mostly here as refugees, trying to build better lives, and sending them randomly to a different place that’s not even their home isn’t going to help them. Jeremiah counters that it’s better than just killing them all, which was Lilian’s plan initially. Gee, all this sounds familiar in a sorta, how shall I say it, Presidential way? Jeremiah also says he’s working for them because Lilian threatened to kill Alex and Kara if he didn’t.

Mon-El makes a Ricky Ricardo style entrance to Kara’s apartment, and finds her wresting with publishing her blog. He says if she thinks it’s the right thing to do, than she should do it, since she’s the most moral person he knows. Just after she publishes it, Lena calls to say she has found the base, and then gets attacked in her office as Kara listens in.

Lena fights her attackers and then gets thrown off her balcony, which is, of course, a cue for the last minute rescue by Supergirl. After a lame secret identity cover on Supergirl’s part, Lena tells her where the aliens are. The mole in Lena’s office is not addressed that we see.

Lilian announces that the launch is being pushed up since Kara Danvers published her blog that has somehow gone viral and is alarming the remaining aliens. Alex appeals to her father, and Jeremiah switches sides once again. Alex races to the ship while Jeremiah gets his ass kicked by Hank Henshaw, the Cyborg Superman. Which I guess means the Cyborg Superman is stronger than J’Onn, since Jeremiah beat J’Onn down last episode.

Alex finds Lyra and frees her, telling her to get the aliens on board out. Alex then races to the bridge, where reality sets in as she realizes she has no idea how to fly, or stop, the ship. As the DEO goes into high alert, Alex finally calls in. You’d think this would be J’Onn’s hint to go there, since he knows more about ships than probably anyone else at the DEO, but he just looks worried in the monitor room. Supergirl arrives and starts trying to shove the ship back. Finally, after a lot of tension, she wins, looking utterly exhausted.

The news covers Cadmus’ plot and calls it a terrorist strike, which I’m sure will annoy Lilian Luthor. Kara goes to work and gets fired, which she deserved. Alex talks to J’Onn, who apologizes and reinstates her, and in my opinion, she deserved neither. Loyalty tests happen in some government jobs, and you don’t apologize to the person who failed them. Maggie and Alex get a cute couple moment at the end.

Kara mopes at home, staring out at the rain in melodramatic fashion. Mon-El arrives and does his best to comfort her. I hope the DEO is paying Supergirl, as I’m not sure how she’s going to be affording that apartment otherwise. I also wonder if Kara being fired will give us a Cat Grant cameo soon, checking in on her protégé. The show ends with more aliens in orbit, commenting on the yellow sun changing them. I think someone’s family found them, and I don’t think it’s Kara’s.

What I liked: J’Onn was absolutely right to test Alex. Kara did her best to follow her instincts, and didn’t get the Hollywood ending out of it that Alex did, which was realistic. It was nice to see Guardian back, however briefly. Winn and Lyra were amusing together. I like that Mon-El is taking their relationship seriously and doing his best to be there for her. It’s nice seeing a good Luthor for a change, and Lena did ok in her fight. Alex not knowing how to fly the ship was a nice touch.

What I didn’t: Oh so much. Alex is whining way too much about the mess with Jeremiah. Speaking of, did he get away? Is he still with Cadmus? What about the mole in Lena’s office? How did Kara’s story, on a new blog that no one heard of, go viral that quickly? Why was J’Onn hanging around the office instead of helping? I can’t believe J’Onn both apologized to and reinstated Alex.

This was a very uneven episode. I’ll go 2.5 out of 5 for this. The series seems to be in decline. I hope that stops soon.