Legends of Tomorrow: Land of the Lost


Field Trip in the Age of the Dinosaurs

The Legends have been making a lot of questionable decisions the last several episodes. With that many bad choices behind them, it’s no real surprise they end up in the “Land of the Lost.” With the writers already having proven their fondness for nostalgia, I suspect the Sid and Marty Kroft tv show that ran back in the seventies was on their mind when they named it.

The Waverider is cruising along through the temporal zone as the crew tries to figure out their next plan. They’ve managed to get one of the pieces of the Spear of Destiny, and even captured their former captain, Rip Hunter. The last piece is with Commander Steel, Nate’s grandfather, but no one knows where or when. They’re hoping to get another clue from the medallion/Gideon interface, but there are no results yet. Nate gets a bit snarky about that, and Gideon answers in kind, which is amusing.

Speaking of bad decisions, they’ve left Rip in the brig, unguarded. You know, the guy who was in command of the Waverider before any of them came aboard? To no surprise at all, Rip has hidden overrides and command phrases, and forces Gideon to obey and release him. Bulkhead doors slam shut all over the ship as Rip arms himself. The team gets back together and gets another nasty surprise as the now Rip-controlled Gideon takes over navigation. Rip manages to steal the medallion they need to track down the Spear, and destroy it before Nate’s horrified eyes. Mick at least gets the satisfaction of knocking Rip cold.

The out of control ship spins through the temporal zone despite Sara and Jax’s best efforts. Eventually, the ship crashes once again, this time in Cretaceous Period. Ray points out that this is where he got marooned back at the beginning of the season when Rip scattered everyone through time. It was the earliest time period in Gideon’s databanks apparently. Their crash managed to shear off an important piece of the time drive, and since this Ray’s old neighborhood, he goes looking for it, along with Nate and Amaya.

Mick is disappointed that he doesn’t get to go to Jurassic Park, but cheers up when Sara wants him to threaten Rip. They mention that they haven’t been able to get Rip to talk at all, and Mick makes a passing reference to something the Time Masters did to him that lets a person actually get into someone else’s mind. Gideon knows of the technique, cautioning that it’s really dangerous.

Weirdly for the Age of the Dinosaurs, it’s snowy out. As I mentioned back in Flash’s “Attack on Gorilla City,” I suspect this is more a facet of them filming in Canada than an actual editorial choice. Ray is dressed half like a cowboy and half like a park ranger. It’s a really odd choice, especially considering there are creatures that would happily eat people running around. Seems like a weird time to NOT wear the suit that gives him his powers. When he goes off to check things out, Nate frets about his grandfather and Amaya reassures him, and saves him from a really big snake. Mind you, with all the snow and cold, snakes and dinosaurs both shouldn’t be moving around, but, again, Canada. Ray breaks up their flirting by sprinting back their way and yelling, “RUN!” So things are going well, as usual.

Jax and Sara get picked to go into Rip’s head. After various warnings and one hour time limit just to make things more tense, they plunge into their ex-captain’s mind. After a squad of Vandal Savage’s troops march by, they realize Rip’s head is full of bad memories. Things get worse when they run into… White Canary. She tells them they don’t belong there, and attacks. It’s a brutal fight, and the effects of the same person fighting herself are really nicely done. Sara gets off several nice lines, both, “God, I’m a bitch in Rip’s mind,” and musing about their dopplegangers, she gets to, “Evil Mick? Well, I guess that’s just regular Mick, but still…”

The away team runs from the bellowing but still unseen T-Rex that Ray calls Gertrude. Apparently he ate one of her eggs on his last stay here. They find Ray’s old shelter, which has a unique animal deterrent system. Ray leaves the others behind to go hunting. He’s barely gone long enough for Amaya and Nate to start making out before he comes back with fresh iguana.

Jax and Sara find the counterparts for Ray and Mick. Jax goes to find Rip while Sara overconfidently stays to fight them. She loses, but gets tossed in the brig with Rip, who is utterly terrified of her. Sara is surprised to hear that Rip thinks she put him in there. They’re both surprised when Rip blasts her with some kind of weird energy and slams her into the wall. Jax gets a very different surprise when he finds a lovely woman who turns out to be Gideon given form.

The away team camps out in Ray’s shelter. Amaya goes off for more wood after both men offer. Ray uses her absence to bring up something awkward. The original Legends team was chosen because they don’t matter to the timeline. Amaya does, since Ray knows of her granddaughter, the Vixen we’ve seen on Arrow. They can’t risk changing her fate. The discussion also has an off-hand reference to Sara being bi, so at least the writers haven’t forgotten that, although she only seems to be into women since she’s been on the ship.

On the real Waverider, Mick gives Stein some advice about being partners in his blunt, completely insensitive way. Even weirder than Mick giving advice is that he’s right. In Rip’s head, Sara gives Rip a pep talk and has him asserting more control over his own mind. They all link up and then meet more duplicates, including a Bad Jax with the full Firestorm powers. Dark Firestorm’s energy effects are really cool. After a lot of fighting, and a great line about “kicking our own asses,” the team makes it to the parlor, where Rip starts getting his memories back. Eventually, the others get woken and back to the real world, giving Rip a chance to kiss Gideon. This whole subplot is reminding me a lot of “The Doctor’s Wife” episode of Doctor Who. Doctor Who is not only also about time travel, it’s the show Arthur Darvil, now playing Rip Hunter, got his big break on.

Ray and company eventually get their gadget back, with Gertie the T-Rex in hot pursuit. Rather than another big fight, Amaya taps into her Totem and talks Gertie down, which is a really impressive scene. And, finally, they get everyone back together again for a few wrap up scenes.

They get the ship repaired and take off. Rip is back to himself. Ray reminds Nate about their talk, and Nate ignores it. Sara and Rip both respond when Gideon says “Captain,” which is funny, but shows something they’re going to need to work on.

In 1970, Eobard Thawne is screening astronauts. Presumably, between that and the next episode title, the Legends will be dealing with NASA. Of course, the astronaut in ‘70 is saying he wants to get on the shuttle… which wasn’t operating then. Nice job, writers. Do some research.

What I Liked: Sara had some great lines. It was nice seeing Ray be competent in his environment, and he makes a good point about Amaya. The bit with Gertrude was fun. I liked the duplicates on the ship, and Mick’s discussion with Stein.

What I Didn’t: Nate ignoring Ray was kind of dumb. I have no idea how Gideon was aware of Rip’s kiss when it happened in his head. The shuttle line really bothers me.

This was a pretty decent episode, much better than some of their recent ones. I’ll give this one a 3.5 out of 5.