Supergirl: Homecoming


This cheery moment brought to you by…

After the insanity last episode with Mr. Mxyzptlk, things start off on a better note. It’s the morning after for Kara and Mon-El, and Mon wakes up in bed alone. He wanders through the apartment bemused as he sees that Supergirl has been busy, foiling several crimes. She flies in through the window, bearing flowers and coffee. They have a few amusing new couple moments before Kara insists they go in to work at the DEO. She also requests they keep their relationship a secret.

That lasts about 10 seconds until Mon-El makes a big booming announcement that they are together. This produces aggravation and eye-rolls from Kara, J’Onn, and Alex. Alex and J’Onn tell the happy couple they will have to go to HR and attend a sexual harassment seminar since they’re coworkers. Kara’s surprised they have an HR. Me, I’m surprised Mon-El’s an official employee. I guess that’s how he supplements his meager bartender pay.

This tension gets broken by Winn exclaiming, “Holy Cadmus Cream Eggs!” which makes me wonder if he’s understudying to be Robin. Cadmus is on the move, a convoy leaving one of their suspected weapons warehouses. With the talent and powers available to the DEO, I have no idea why it’s a “suspected” anything. If nothing else, J’Onn should be able to phase in and check the place out if they have doubts about it. But, Supergirl and J’Onn fly off to intercept the convoy, which is several SUV’s and a trailer that Supergirl can’t see into. Supergirl disconnects the trailer from the semi cab, while J’Onn does some weird thing that’s not quite clear, landing on the road in front of the lead SUV and causing all three of them to flip over. Inside the trailer, they find… Jeremiah Danvers, the long missing father of Alex and Kara, giving us the title, “Homecoming.”

Jeremiah is returned to the DEO and there’s a wave of elation from everyone… accept Mon-El. Apparently the only one with a fully functional brain, Mon-El observes that they’ve been looking for Jeremiah for 14 years (or 15, the number keeps changing throughout the episode), and it’s suspicious that he suddenly turns up, also bringing word of a dangerous bomb that no one else has gotten word of. Mon-El points out that they only get word on Cadmus activities if they do one of their creepy press releases or if they get caught red-handed. When Kara protests they did catch them red-handed, Mon-El counters, amusingly, that they were waving their red hands in the air like they just didn’t care. That was possibly the best line of the episode. The bomb Cadmus has is supposedly powered by the energies Cadmus collected from Supergirl’s heat vision when she was their prisoner.

After a scene of Hank Henshaw (the real one) and Lilian Luthor prepping what is probably the bomb, things get tense at the DEO. Or more tense, I guess. Winn is understandably nervous about the bomb threat, and does a plot recap that seems like it would be more for the beginning of the second episode rather than the midst of this one. Mon-El remains suspicious, and everyone is mad at him for it. Even the professional agents, whose job it is to be suspicious. Jeremiah, in addition to being beaten, has some kind of damage to his right hand and arm, supposedly as punishment for helping Supergirl and Mon-El escape a while back.

Things go much worse at a family dinner that night. All the Danvers are there, plus Maggie, who brought tequila, J’Onn, and Mon-El. Mon continues to be suspicious, and Alex looks ready to punch him out. Kara drags him off to another room, argues with him, and tells him to leave. Jeremiah escorts him out, dropping a hint about blackmail when they are alone. Clearly, there’s nothing strange here.

At the alien bar (no, I’m not going to stop pointing out it has no name until they fix that), Mon meets up with Winn. Mon rehashes his case against Jeremiah, and says they should at least keep their guard up. Winn actually agrees, and then runs into his new lady, Lyra. They’re very affectionate, and Mon is impressed. Winn asks that, as payback for his help, Mon-El be good to Kara. I thought that was kind of touching, and something a good friend would do.

The next day, Jeremiah is back at the DEO, which is what everyone seems to want except for Mon-El. Jeremiah gets a tour of the facility from J’Onn, and they talk about old times. However, when J’Onn gets called away, Jeremiah doesn’t go the medlab, like he was told. He goes into the computer room and starts hacking. Winn sees him do this, but when he and Mon-El bring their concerns to Kara, her major reaction is being annoyed they were spying on Jeremiah.

Fortunately, she gets her head on straight and the three of them go to everyone else. Jeremiah comes up with an excuse for looking at the files, ignoring that he didn’t go where J’Onn told him to. Everyone else ignores this, too, and Alex turns her fury on the three of them. She later hisses at Kara that she’s either part of the family or she’s not. That’s uncalled for and both personal and professional levels. This is probably Alex’s worst episode of the series.

Mon and Winn meet up at the bar again. Lyra is teaching Winn darts, which he’s fairly hopeless at, just like he was at pool a while back. Mon and Winn discuss Mon’s relationship with Kara, and Winn actually gives some really good advice. This gets broken up when they get an alert that their detector is picking up what should be the Cadmus bomb.

Acting on this information, the DEO sends out the troops, the huge strike team being led by Alex, Mon-El, and Supergirl. After proving how useful he is earlier J’Onn sits this one out for no apparent reason. The location isn’t so much a trap as a distraction, as the DEO find nothing, while Jeremiah uses the chaos to get back to the file room and steal some data. He also proves surprisingly adept at fighting, not just agents, but J’Onn himself. Jeremiah went through some changes while he was Cadmus. And apparently, not until it’s too late did it occur to the usual paranoid head of the DEO to use his telepathy on Jeremiah. Not one of J’Onn’s better episodes, either. Just for good measure, Jeremiah beats up Winn on the way out.

The team meets up in the medbay (you know, the place Jeremiah was supposed to go and never did, arousing no suspicion at all), where J’Onn and Winn are getting patched up. Even Alex has to admit there’s something wrong now. Winn earns his pay by saying he managed to slip a tracker on Jeremiah.

For reasons that I hope make sense to someone, because they don’t to me, Supergirl and Alex go after Cadmus alone. I get they’re upset about Jeremiah, but so is everyone else. Even if J’Onn is too hurt to come along, which it didn’t look like, they bring no agents or Mon-El? Lilian has yet another “distract the heroes by endangering civilians” getaway planned, taking Supergirl out of the fight. Alex has a showdown with Jeremiah, where he claims he’s doing this all for her. Either Cadmus got some leverage on him or he’s become a true believer while in captivity. Alex completes her episode of the highest professional standards by letting him go.

Winn checks on his friends before going down to the computer lab to see what Jeremiah was up to. Me, if I’d been slammed into the ceiling by a crazed scientist with a cyborg arm, I’d take a sick day. Supergirl is worried about what all this will mean. Alex goes off to talk to their mom, who has been floating around the edges of the episode but not contributing much.

The wrap up scenes are all a bit odd. Alex sobs at her place, and Maggie walks in, because apparently the highly trained DEO agent doesn’t lock her door. Maggie doesn’t know about any of this, and tries to comfort Alex as best she can from a place of ignorance. Mon goes to see Kara, who also doesn’t lock her door, and offers her a shoulder to lean on. It’s actually a sweet scene. Winn figures out that Jeremiah stole their alien registry (I wonder if the President is on it?). Lilian gloats that soon the Earth will be free. Anyone notice that the anti-alien bigotry that gets thrown around this show seems to focus on the Kryptonians as a whole, and almost never on J’Onn?

What I liked: This might be Mon-El’s best episode. He was smart, and stood his ground in the face of overwhelming odds against his friends. That’s not easy to do. He was also supportive of Kara at the end. And, far as I can tell, Mon didn’t administer a well-deserved round of “I told you so”s. Winn did well, too. Lilian knows how the heroes tick and her distractions make a lot of sense.

What I didn’t: Almost everything I didn’t mention in What I liked. The fight with the convoy made little sense. Everyone ignoring Mon-El’s questions was unlike both Alex and J’Onn at the least. J’Onn showed major lapses in judgement here, as did Alex. One cyborg arm makes Jeremiah, a scientist, a match for the combat veteran J’Onn? No one picked up on the arm when he was examined? Alex and Supergirl go off after Cadmus alone? No one locking their doors at the end was probably just for staging purposes, but it was stupid. I guess James was off doing his job again.

I think this was the worst individual episode of the series so far. I’m giving it a low 2 out of 5. I hope they get better next time around.