Flash: The Wrath of Savitar


Savitar Seance, Julian’s least favorite game


After dealing with Grodd the last two episodes, the STAR Labs team have a new problem to face. The big bad of the season is finally back, and making life hell for our heroes. Now, they have to face “The Wrath of Savitar.”

Preparing for the upcoming showdown with their fast foe, the speedsters are training hard. They blur past a billboard proclaiming Central City the home of Flash and Kid Flash. In this case, Jesse Quick is with them, too, as they push Wally to be the best Kid Flash he can be in hopes of saving Iris from Savitar in the future Barry saw. At the end of the run, Wally sees a vision of Savitar and, following the tradition of heroes making bad choices on these shows, doesn’t tell anyone.

Julian gets back from his trip back to London, having a very awkward welcome home moment with Caitlin. Have I mentioned that I don’t care for that pairing? In fact, Barry has gathered everyone at STAR so he and Iris can make their big announcement about their engagement. The only not thrilled reaction is Joe, who pulls Barry aside to ask why he didn’t ask for permission first. Ok, I get Joe is a bit old-fashioned, but c’mon, man, it’s the 21st century now.

Just after the announcement, the team gets word of a fire. With the lamest excuse ever, Jesse stays behind (she’s preoccupied with the ring? Really?), so Barry and Wally rush off as Flash and Kid-Flash. I hope they weren’t needed, because they never actually get there. Wally gets attacked by Savitar, but Barry doesn’t see him. For some reason, this is hard for everyone to believe, even though Savitar hasn’t been visible to everyone since he first started appearing.

Caitlin checks out Wally in the medbay, while he tells the team he’s been seeing Savitar for about a week now. This is just the first time it got physical. Barry is worried that Wally might be corrupted by Savitar’s influence, and tells him he’s benched for the rest of this adventure. Seems to be the week for it. Maybe Wally and Alex from Supergirl can start a support group. The team decides talking to Savitar is their best bet, but they need Julian to do it. Julian is understandably reluctant to be possessed again. Barry’s reassurance that he knows what he’s doing isn’t helping much; he’s screwed up the timeline how many times now?

Caitlin goes and talks Julian into cooperating by comparing his problem with Savitar to her own with Killer Frost. I’m still wondering why Caitlin is the only meta we’ve seen whose powers cause mental issues. Cisco gets everything set up, and the seance is on. Savitar isn’t particularly helpful, although he’s as megalomaniacal as ever. Barry shuts it down finally, and HR freaks out. Not the bravest, that version of Wells.

They decide to go after one of the Acolytes of Savitar they ran across before. Why he’s not in jail, I don’t know, but he’s doing some kind of worship service amid what Barry accurately describes as “real Temple of Doom stuff.” Gregory, too, isn’t helpful, but somehow knows Barry is engaged. I knew they shouldn’t have taken that ad out in the paper…

They recover what appears to be the box the Philosopher’s Stone was in, even though Barry tossed it into the Speed Force. While most of the gang puzzles over the box, HR coaches Wally in the speed lab. Wally is noticeably slower now, and HR says it’s because Wally’s worried about Savitar. Nothing good comes from a place of fear, HR advises. Somehow they decide that Wally will do better if he sees the event he’s trying to prevent. Cisco opposes the idea at first, but finally agrees. Wally learns something that angers him, and he handles it horribly, causing a scene in front of the whole STAR crew. This in turn causes more problems for Barry and Iris. Julian worries that he is the cause of all this, and then everyone gets a shock from Caitlin.

Caitlin held back a piece of the Stone to try and further her obsession (because at this point, that’s what it is) with getting rid of her powers. HR tries to excuse her by saying it was Frost clouding her judgement, but Caitlin says it was all her. The team wants to use Julian to talk to Savitar again, and Julian complains he’s not a human Ouija board, possibly the best line of the episode. Julian wonders if Caitlin’s obsession is why she invited him to the team, and storms out.

Joe goes to talk to Iris and tries to reassure her after Wally’s outburst. They chat with Savitar again via Julian, and get more boasts. Cisco’s attempt to get a trace on where Savitar might be doesn’t go as planned. Wally and Jesse have a talk as he packs (why he’s packing to go train at STAR, I’m not sure). Wally is worried about something being wrong with him, since his powers came from Savitar and Alchemy. As they talk about the way he handled his earlier outburst, they get a visit from Wally’s dead mother. Wally has a disturbing chat with his mother, who Jesse can’t see, and figures out it’s Savitar again. Wally rushes off in the grand tradition of doing something stupid by himself.

Iris and Barry have a very tense conversation about Wally’s earlier bombshell. I personally think she might be overreacting a bit, but that’s me. Cisco tries to use his powers to find Savitar, but all he gets is white flashes like some kind of storm. They aren’t too worried about Savitar getting out since they have Caitlin’s piece of the Stone. That’s when Jesse speeds in and tells them about Wally going off alone. The team finds out that Caitlin’s piece of the Stone is gone.

Savitar goads Wally into going faster than he ever has, and opening a portal into the Speed Force. Wally throws the piece of the Stone into the Speed Force. Wally thinks he’s safeguarding it, but of course, it gives Savitar the last bit he needs to escape. Wally gets pulled into the Speed Force just as Barry arrives. Savitar escapes from the void, and he and Barry fight at superspeed. It’s an ugly battle that ends with one of Savitar’s blades though Barry’s shoulder. Barry makes it back to STAR, where he gets medical attention and they analyze the blade.

When Barry wakes up from Caitlin operating on him sans anesthetic, everyone is upset. Joe is clutching a piece of Wally’s costume that Barry brought back, and Iris has changed something based on Wally’s earlier yelling at Barry. The episode ends with some of the team going to analyze Savitar’s blade while Barry and Caitlin talk about fear as a motivator.

What I liked: The billboard at the beginning was a nice, old-school comics touch I appreciated. The practice for Wally rescuing Iris at the beginning was kind of cool. I completely understand Julian’s reluctance to be the conduit for Savitar.

What I didn’t: I get being rattled, but Wally was acting really badly this episode. He really blew it with his losing it in front of everyone about Barry. I’m really disappointed in Caitlin. The bit about Jesse and the ring was just unbelievably stupid.

It wasn’t a great episode, but wasn’t that bad. I’ll give it a 3 out of 5. I’m really hoping we finish with Savitar soon.