Legion: Chapter 5


An Unexpected Group Session

Legion Chapter 5 picks up slightly after last time left off. David and Ptonomy are carrying Kerry back to Cary, who appears care-worn. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Kerry really doesn’t look good. Although I wonder where they got the stretcher from. There’s a flurry of activity to treat her while David tells Dr. Bird he met her husband, the beat poet. If you haven’t been watching the series, that sentence right there should give you a feel for how surreal it gets at times.

David retreats to his usual waiting space on the dock, and Syd finds him there. She updates him on Kerry’s status. A smirking David tells her he knows what he is now, and uses his telepathy (presumably) to make a little idyllic hideaway for the two of them. It’s all white and, since it’s a mental construct, Syd and David can touch without triggering her powers. So they do. A lot.

Cary watches over Kerry, while Dr. Bird gets a more detailed report on how she’s doing. Apparently, if he tries to reabsorb her, it’s going to do bad things and not cure her. Dr. Bird muses about David being able to bring Oliver back, and then leaves.

Sometime later, Dr. Bird, Syd, and David are gathered in what I think is her office, the odd room with the big X-Men symbol in the background. David is determined to go rescue Amy in the morning. Melanie Bird tries to talk him out of it, but Syd says she’ll be going with him. When Melanie continues about how strong the Division’s defenses are, David switches the subject, talking about her husband. That’s a level of cunning we haven’t seen in David before, and set me wondering what was going on with him.

After the Cary/Kerry folks reunite, David and Syd talk about the upcoming mission. She’s nowhere near as confident as David is about their success. Syd is enjoying the new way they’ve deepened their relationship, and asks to go back. After they enjoy each other, she talks about her first time, which is a horribly awkward story that’s made so much more complicated by her powers. She makes an excellent point with her line, “Who teaches us to be normal when we’re one of a kind?” Their little white room hideaway apparently has an annex. In there, everything is red, and Lennie is sitting in a tub throwing a ball against a wall and trying to talk David into something. Syd starts to try and explore that and ends up back in the real world and a bit confused.

Ptonomy and Melanie are planning the assault when Syd tells them David’s already gone. Ptonomy is about ready to cut the young mutant lose, but Melanie points out how horrific it would be if Division 3 managed to turn David, considering how powerful he is. Melanie and Syd then take a few moments to discuss how David seems different since he came back from his drug and/or power induced coma.

After a really weird scene of people getting in the car, Melanie, Syd, Ptonomy, and Rudy, the powerful telekinetic who was part of the mission to rescue David back in Chapter 1, set off to see what David’s done at Division 3. It’s a horrifying mess. David apparently has much better control of his powers than before, and he has a LOT of powers. You have to feel sorry for the Division thugs, no matter how much they’re on the wrong side. It’s a really ugly scene.

They go in, cautiously, and find ringing alarm bells and migraine-inducing flickering lights. Literally. That’s one of my migraine triggers, so I had trouble watching this scene. They eventually find a security hub, and see the video of David fighting his way through the base. He’s not only amazingly powerful, he seems to be relishing using his power, clowning for the camera. At least one camera has some kind of special imaging, and it appears David might not necessarily be the man he once was. This worries both Rudy and Melanie, understandably enough.

The away team also finds Dr. Kissinger in his cell. He tells them David was there, took Amy, and left. For whatever reason, they leave him in the cell. Back at Summerland, Cary has a one sided (as far as we can hear) argument with Kerry. Cary seems to have inherited her bruises. Cary is going over his earlier scans of David and finds a few things that really rattle him.

The team finds Brubaker, the man we’ve seen who seems to be highest up in Division 3. He’s battered and broken and looks like he might be dying, or maybe wishes he was. He tells them he was so wrong about David, and repeats several times, “It wears a human face.” As if that’s not eerie enough, Cary manages to contact the team via some weird projection thing, and tells them there’s essentially a parasite living in David, possibly an older mutant. To me, this is sounding more and more like one of Charles Xavier’s foes, the Shadow King. Hopefully not, the Shadow King is a real nasty piece of work.

Syd calls out to David, and they’re suddenly back in their strange white holiday spot. David is on the bed, playing “Rainbow Connection” on the banjo. Syd goes and peeks into the red room again, and this time the puppy, King, is in there. She looks through a telescope set in the room, and then ends up back in the real world telling them David went back to his home. Walter, also called the Eye, the Division Man in the green suit, follows them.

Sure enough, David and Amy are back where we’ve seen so many of the flashbacks. She’s impressed at what he did to save her, and then starts asking questions about him being part of a team. That makes me wonder if Division 3 got to her, at least a bit. David presses her about a secret she’s been keeping. Things get even more surreal when Lennie shows up, and changes to Bennie, then King. She then turns into the Angriest Boy, and Amy finally bursts out that David was adopted. He looks stunned at this. Considering in the comics, David was Charles Xavier’s son, that makes a good bit of sense.

Back at Summerland, Cary makes a device he hopes will paralyze the entity and let them talk to David privately. He also argues more with Kerry, who finally emerges and warns him, “There’s always a fight.” At least she seems healed up now.

The team gets to David and Amy’s house, and things go oddly right from the start. They get out of the car and realize there is no noise. Not like a quiet neighborhood, like no sounds at all, including them talking to each other. It makes things even more tense as they search the house. Inside, there are a lot of creepy stalking-type scenes as the team splits up. After some weird tension builders and another sighting of the Angriest Boy, Syd finds Amy on the floor. Syd gets jumped by Lennie, who is clearly using some of David’s powers now. David is slumped against the wall as all this goes on.

Cary somehow teleports there, and also realizes he can’t hear anything. There’s a mimed argument about his device and about Kerry, and finally, the young woman emerges from Cary, now with a spiked baseball bat. I’m not sure how that worked. Things get ugly as the team finds David, Syd, and Amy. There’s a lot of confusion and the Demon with Yellow Eyes shows up again. Then, the episode ends with a really odd shift in location, as they find themselves somewhere from David’s past with Lennie very clearly in charge.

What I liked: They are building suspense and mystery nicely. David (if that was David) creating the white room for him and Syd was both clever and sweet, at least on the surface. I always kind of like it when the bad guy finds out they’ve stirred up something they can’t handle, and Brubaker definitely ended up in that situation. The aftermath of David’s raid was grotesque, but well done.

What I didn’t: Those flickering lights were terrible. I get the idea of the effect, but like I said, they made it hard for me to watch. I don’t get how Kerry materialized with weapon in hand. If she can do that, why didn’t she have one when she fought Division 3 last time?

The show continues to be a very odd unraveling of the mystery surrounding David. They are definitely not following the comics, but they are striking out in their own creative direction. I’ll give this one a 3 out of 5.