Krypton: Hope


I don’t know, Seg, can we really wrap all this up in one episode?

The penultimate episode of Krypton’s first episode is “Hope.” Considering how things are going, I’m not sure how much of that they have at this point, but good to keep a positive attitude, I guess. A lot of things are going wrong and a really mismatched group is trying to stop them getting worse. This episode continued the rise of one of my characters as a favorite, and saw another one I’ve kind of liked until now plunge in my estimation.

It starts with Nyssa speaking to a contact of hers among the Sagitarri guards, who are cleaning up after a trail of bodies Voice-iac left behind. She tries to warn him what’s coming, but he says the guard are spread too thin and they can’t help her right now. Short-sighted, but I get it.

Seg dodges patrols on the street, which is nothing new except now they are Black Zero patrols who actually seem to be trying to keep people safe, rather than beating up random citizens. He makes it back to their hideout and is nearly shot by a very on-edge Lyta. Seg is worried about the upcoming fight, and we learn he’s sent Kem away to Kryptonopolis. Seg thinks he can’t live up to the task Adam left him, and also thinks Adam died protecting him. Since Adam never shows up this episode, I don’t blame him for that one. He says he can’t lose anyone else, and Lyta assures him he won’t lose her. Later, he has a nightmare about being on Brainiac’s ship, and wakes to find Lyta gone. That didn’t last long.

Lyta meets up with a very heavily armed Zod. Zod says the Voice-iac is like a wounded animal now, which is when he’s most dangerous. His brilliant plan is to sic Doomsday on Voice-iac. Since the already know how dangerous Doomsday is, and comic book readers have seen him defeat an entire team of Justice Leaguers as well as kill Superman, I can’t imagine this is a good idea. Daron is not enjoying his captivity among Black Zero, and we see the leader, Jax-Ur, has a history with him that is not good. Nor is she shy about “coercive” interrogation.

Jayna, Nyssa, and Seg link up and work out that Lyta and Zod are gone, and must be going after Doomsday. Nyssa shakes her head and gets in a great line before they take off to find them. Zod goes on about Seg’s idealism being a problem, and calls Doomsday an apex predator, who will naturally go after the most dangerous thing around— Brainiac. Lyta expresses some doubt and worry about the future. They hear something and hide as a cloaked figure wanders the tunnels. Cloaks seem to be the disguise of choice in Kandor.

Seg and company catch up with Zod and Lyta just as they get to Doomsday’s vault. Zod makes a surprising revelation and gets the heavy door opened only to find Seg outsmarted him. They argue about what to do for a bit when Nyssa calls to tell Seg they have a problem.

Jax-Ur is relentless and pitiless as she goes over their mutual past and demands to know about a new protocol. Seg meets up with Raika and her followers to get some very disturbing news about the device keeping Doomsday out cold. Zod and Jayna argue back and forth about what to do next, each trying to persuade Lyta to their side. I guess it’s nice to be wanted? Seg calls Val and tries to enlist his help with Doomsday’s mobile tomb.

Daron Vex is a weasel, but not a wholly incompetent one as he tries to bribe a guard and comes away from the exchange with a new tool. Seg makes plans with Nyssa who points out a major flaw. Turning, Seg sees Raika and her crew have made their own decision about what to do with Doomsday. It’s not a horrible choice, but it won’t be good for Kandor. Zod and Jayna’s argument gets worse and finally they agree to a duel like we saw Lyta fight earlier this season. Lyta just sort of stands there and stares. In her defense, Miss Manners doesn’t really cover what to do when your time-traveling grandson challenges your mother to a fight to the death.

Back at the Fortress, Seg is dispirited. Nyssa hints about getting a skimmer and fleeing to Argo City (home of Supergirl/Power Girl’s branch of the El family). Seg suggests she should go, and looks over the Superman cape Adam brought as a visual aid for the trouble they’re in. It doesn’t look good. Nyssa says something that is surprising, sweet, and cutting about one of their comrades who isn’t there.

Zod and Jayna keep fighting, and they’re both damn good. And brutal. Daron Vex, in yet another hood (does someone sell those somewhere? Is there a hood store in Kandor?) makes a deal to get himself out of the city. Seg broods over his memory crystal and Val appears. As Seg laments that Adam should have given the crystal to someone else, Val gives him a lecture on the meaning of the family crest. Zod and Jayna’s duel almost comes to an end when Lyta decides she doesn’t like how it’s going and interferes. I guess honor isn’t a big thing with all the Zods. Zod is pissed about this.

Jax-Ur gets told of Daron’s escape, and does something to seriously mess with his plan to flee. Nyssa comments that she can’t raise Jayna, and Seg adds this to his list of worries. He thinks he’s figured out why Voice-iac was in the Genesis Chamber, and gets some technical advice from Val-El. Seg comes up with a desperate plan, but involves getting some sworn enemies to actually stop shooting each other for long enough to save the city and maybe the planet. Seg goes to one side, Nyssa to the other, and neither one seems inclined to listen.

As one of the characters continues to have a bad day and has a run-in with an unexpected figure, Jax goes to the Genesis Chamber and reveals another of Daron’s plans. The factions finally agree to work together, and Seg gives a rousing speech. One of them complains he doesn’t take orders from Seg, and Seg has a great comeback. He doesn’t sound confident as he gives Nyssa a charge and tells her to pretty much run for her life.

Everyone goes to where Val told Seg Voice-iac would be, and that’s about the only part of the plan that works. Voice-iac has powers we haven’t seen yet, and the fledgling alliance goes down fast as Seg dives for cover. He is nearly killed when Nyssa returns and tries something as a last ditch effort and gets yet another great line.

Zod and Lyta plot what to do next, and Zod makes a surprising claim about someone who should be long dead. Seg and Nyssa run as Voice-iac goes through some changes. As the heroes flee, Brainiac marches to the window and makes a grand villain pronouncement to end the episode.

What I liked: The dialogue is picking up, at least for some of them. Nyssa is getting more awesome as time passes. I get why Raika’s crew did what they did. I’m liking Jayna a lot more as time passes, too.

What I didn’t: Lyta is shaping up to be a villain at this point. Zod is just annoying with is constant harping about how the Els are blinded by idealism. The choice to leave both Adam and Kem out of this one seems like a strange one.

This series isn’t grabbing me like I hoped it would, but Nyssa is really growing on me. I’ll give this one a 3 out of 5. One more episode for the season.