Gotham: A Dark Knight: That Old Corpse


Gotham’s new power couple?

The saga of the not-quite Joker continues in Gotham as the season continues with “A Dark Knight: That Old Corpse.” Jerome’s grave is the scene of an after-party/wake from what’s left of his band of lunatic followers. They get interrupted when someone new shows up in a vaguely Harley-like motorcycle outfit and comes bearing video instructions from the late, mostly-unlamented Jerome. They eagerly leap to obey the dead man’s will.

Not that he ever really has a good one, but Gordon is having a rough day at the GCPD. Lee awaits in interrogation, and she’s been caught red-handed robbing a bank at the end of last episode. Harvey isn’t helping any by suggesting some less-than-legal ways to resolve the situation, and manages to piss off Gordon. Once he finally goes in, Lee and Gordon debate her motives and she makes a surprising offer. Some of Gordon’s comments about himself worry Lee, but they get interrupted by Lucius bearing a video message and the arrival of Jerome’s mob, with a coffin tied to the roof of one of the cars.

In the Narrows, Lee’s followers are pressing Nygma to go and free their leader. He regrets not killing Jim when he had the chance, but Lee didn’t want that so he didn’t. Finally, after a lot of pestering, Nygma grabs up a few volunteers, a seemingly random assortment of items that I guess he planned to MacGyver into something, and goes to see what he can do down at the GCPD. He even assigns an urchin to keep an eye on Jim so Lee can’t blame him for any accidents.

Gordon calls Alfred, and finds out Bruce isn’t home. Alfred, warned about the Jerome mob rampaging around, takes some precautions before going to join his charge. Jim directs everyone to the armory while the crazies outside find a new use for a coffin. Gordon and Harvey debate strategy, and Gordon both comes up with a great plan and offers a few insights about Jerome’s strategy, even if the madman himself is gone.

In Jeremiah’s maze/bunker, Bruce is impressed with the new generator he’s created. It seems like a great new thing for Gotham, and you know that never goes well. Jeremiah is obsessing over his late brother, and brings up that Jerome’s effects were sent by Arkham. Bruce’s attempts to snap Jeremiah out of the strange mood he’s in get interrupted when Bruce gets the warning call from Alfred about the newest threat to Gotham. Alfred’s plan to go help Bruce suffers a surprising setback.

Bruce keeps trying with Jeremiah, who doesn’t take the news of the mob well. Bruce comes up with an idea to set Jeremiah’s mind at ease that makes it apparent the young man doesn’t watch a lot of horror movies. Jeremiah, in turn, makes a confession that really should have alarmed Bruce a lot more than it did.

Gordon, a good, not perfect, man, is trying to get the prisoners to safety before the mob breaks into the station. Lee makes a more direct appeal to him, which he refuses. The crowd gets in earlier than was hoped for, and the prisoner evacuation doesn’t go as smoothly as Gordon tried for. Gordon draws some of the chaos off, and has a nice surprise rigged up that lets Harvey blow off some steam.

Bruce and Jeremiah get to the graveyard which just can’t be a good idea. They find things that freak Jeremiah out even more, and Bruce finds a few complications as he reaches out to check on a friend. Jeremiah completely freaks out and runs off, Bruce pursuing. Also not enjoying the day, Penguin gets his meal interrupted as Solomon Butch continues to complain about their situation. Penguin sees the news about the riot at the GCPD and decides to go see if there’s anything he can take advantage of.

Gordon’s unknown guardian angel looks on as Gordon and Harvey do a uniquely Gotham-flavored interrogation of a prisoner. The prisoner offers some taunting information and provokes a bad reaction from Harvey. Riddler and his motley band arrive on the scene and he realizes his first plan isn’t going to work. That doesn’t stop him from coming up with a second. Penguin and Grundy continue a running gag with the prisoners. Lee finds herself in trouble of her own and handles it pretty well.

Bruce catches up with Jeremiah, although I’m real curious as to how he figured out to look in this spot. Jeremiah continues in his delusions, and Bruce keeps trying. He’s doing pretty well until Jeremiah changes the tone of everything by upping the stakes and his paranoia, making bizarre claims about Bruce. It doesn’t look good for the boy billionaire.

Riddler infiltrates the mob and gets inside. I commented earlier that they found a new use for a coffin, and they do another one inside. Riddler has a good hunch, but gets a surprise of his own when he tries to follow through with it. Gordon gets to the maze where Bruce and Jeremiah are supposed to be, and gets all manner of surprises, none of them good. This goes back and forth with scenes of what Bruce is going through at the graveyard. Jim is in a bad spot and Bruce is getting his own share of nasty shocks among the graves. It’s really not a great episode for any of the good guys. Gordon finally manages an escape, but leaves a bigger mess than usual in his wake. Harvey, about to start the next part of Gordon’s plan back at GCPD, gets distracted by the destruction behind Gordon’s escape.

Jeremiah lectures Bruce in typical villain fashion, and tells him a lot of things he doesn’t want to hear. Penguin and Grundy have their own source of information, and they amuse themselves starting to work on him to find out what’s going on with the mob of crazies. Lee and Riddler finally escape the Insane Clown Posse (Oh, I had to do it at least once) and she shows her gratitude. Harvey and Harper share a celebratory drink, until Fox comes in with some news about the earlier explosion. The episode ends with the full scope of the current plan being revealed. It might be a good time to get out of Gotham, but I’d argue that’s most of the time.

What I liked: When he’s not being a dick about the past, Harvey is a good second to Jim. I like how they worked on their plan. The running gag with the prisoners was kind of entertaining. Riddler pulled some slick stuff, credit where it’s due. And Gordon is trying hard to atone for his mistakes.

What I didn’t: This whole Jerome/Jeremiah mess just isn’t interesting me. I keep hoping it’ll end. I don’t like how Harvey keeps throwing the past in Gordon’s face. It’s not like Harvey has ever been close to a saint.

It was a decent enough episode. I’m not loving a lot of this season. I’ll give this one a 3 out of 5.

Taking the week off: I guess there was a Gotham edition of Girls’ Trip, since Selina, Ivy, Barbara, and Tabitha were all out this week. That would be a hell of a road trip.