Agents of SHIELD: The One Who Will Save Us All


It’s alien makeover week!

The Agents of SHIELD are building to a big finale as the pieces hurtle towards each other. Coulson starts off in a bad place, but at least he’s with “The One Who Will Save Us All.” Or that’s what he claims. Phil’s in for a rough flight as Talbot uses his new gravity powers to bring them both to the alien ship. How they get there in space, I’m not quite sure. They board the ship, much to the aliens’ collective annoyance, and they’re brought to the bridge. Coulson is having doubts about Talbot’s seemingly boundless confidence.

Back at the damaged Lighthouse, the rest of the team compares notes. Simmons is worried about the effect Talbot’s new powers are going to have on his mind. That makes sense, considering what we’ve seen so far along those lines. Mack goes off alone to make sure of the aliens they dropped, gets a surprise, and it’s the Cavalry to the rescue.

Coulson and Talbot banter as they are led through the ship, and Coulson clearly has some reservations about what’s going on with his former friend. When they get to the bridge, Qovas, the alien leader, starts in on a villain rant. Talbot isn’t having it, and he makes a few outrageous statements of his own. When the aliens try and put the Earthman in his place, Talbot makes a very unambiguous statement. Talbot looks smug and Coulson, more concerned

Mack and Yo-Yo have a talk and he gives a really bad sign for their future relationship. They move on to deal with the alien Mack and May captured. The interrogation yields mostly bravado from the captive, who then has a bad reaction to one of a few possible different things. Simmons is going to have some work to do in autopsy.

Talbot struts and boasts about his new accomplishments, while Coulson makes a remark about how certain things never work out. Talbot isn’t going to listen to any doubts, and lectures Coulson on how things are going to work. This may be one of the quickest “Absolute power corrupts absolutely” scenarios I’ve ever seen. Coulson figures out Hale is on the ship and goes to talk to her, giving her several surprises. Hale reflects on her losses and Coulson offers sympathy. When Coulson asks for her help, she demurs at first and Coulson offers her a few vague statements to pique her curiosity. When Hale makes it to the bridge, Talbot isn’t happy to see her. He still remembers the many wrongs he suffered at her hands. When the aliens claim Talbot and Coulson have nothing to offer, Coulson makes a great counterpoint.

Fitz is worried about the Lighthouse’s old systems coming back soon enough to make a difference, and the place seems to delight in being contrary. Deke and Fitz talk about SHIELD, being an agent, and not being one. Daisy finally makes her way back, and she and Yo-Yo have a disagreement about how things are being handled. This gets broken up by a very annoyed looking May who says they need to be focusing on finding Coulson.

Talbot gets a makeover and starts to look a lot more familiar to comic book fans, although as a different character. Talbot and Qovas get set to pay a visit on the Confederacy, and Talbot makes arrangements for while he’s gone. He’s not exactly being subtle, Talbot. Then again, with this much power, I guess he doesn’t need to be. After getting to the aliens, Talbot uses a familiar Marvel catchphrase to describe himself. His ego is growing to match his power.

Daisy is looking worn out in her room when Deke comes by. He asks about the bag she brought back and has no idea how to respond to her answer. She’s very worried about her role in the future, and dismisses as a prank something nice he tried to do for her. Daisy goes on about her train wreck of a love life, sounding down about things, and Deke ends up not telling her what he came there to say, but uses the FitzSimmons are his grandparents info to distract her.

The aliens bicker about Talbot being in their special meeting place. When he demands a spot at their table, they tell him there are only spots for six. Didn’t we see this earlier this season on Arrow? It goes about how you’d think with a man of Talbot’s power and instability. It’s an interesting display of one of his powers, showing it’s more versatile than I thought.

Mack and Fitz work on modifications to the Zephyr, and have a very strained conversation. I’m wondering if their friendship is going to be one of the many casualties this season. Then again, I also think Mack is really climbing up on his high horse with just about everyone. It’s not a good chat for either of them. Daisy drops in on Simmons as she autopsies their alien prisoner, and we find there are nasty side effects to the combat drug they take. Daisy shows her some of the treasures she gathered on her hunt, and Simmons is both surprised and impressed. Daisy takes all the complicated issues Simmons is wrestling with and reduces them to a simple question. The newly improved Zephyr takes off, with Mack and Piper staying behind at the Lighthouse.

In the alien Confederacy, the Kree representative flatters Talbot and reveals a familiar name. The Kree offers Talbot some advice, and with one simple line, ties in to the Infinity War movie. The alien also seems to have an interest in keeping Talbot out of that fight. Hale and Coulson talk about the view from space and her dreams of being an astronaut. Talbot shows up and shares the information about Thanos. Talbot wants even more power, and utters a name Coulson thought he was done with. Talbot adopts some extreme viewpoints, has some dangerous plans, and demands something from Coulson that must have gone badly against the grain.

Piper and Mack watch as the Zephyr clears the atmosphere, and Mack makes some comments the viewers get and Piper doesn’t. Fitz and Simmons are back in their lab, also not a part of the launch, and they talk over their aspects and prospects. They turn on to their next task, and it’s not a pleasant one.

The cloaked Zephyr makes it to the alien ship, and once again the entire assault team seems to be May and Daisy. I get it, those two kick ass, but really, even they could use some help. When the aliens notice they have company, Talbot flies into a rage at Coulson. While Coulson tries to reason with Talbot, Daisy and May fight their way to the bridge. Nothing goes as expected when they get there. Talbot rages, Hale does something dumb, and Talbot slips further into madness. The show ends with the Kree enjoying his plans for one of the captives.

What I liked: Daisy is really pulling out all the stops to accomplish her goal. She’s as obsessive as some of the villains they’ve fought. I’m glad Simmons and Fitz are still going strong. Coulson is doing the best he can while suddenly finding himself terribly out of his depth. Hale finally faced some justice, which I’m ok with. This was the most direct tie in they’ve done with the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a while and it was nice to see. Now if they could just acknowledge the Defenders somehow…

What I didn’t: I get what they’re doing with Talbot, but I don’t like it. While one relationship is tottering forward, most of the rest seem to be falling apart, and I’m not happy about that. Is it really “boring” if the good guys actually like each other? Mack in particular is getting annoying. He thinks everything is going to be squeaky clean in a spy organization?

I’m glad they’re getting another season, but I can see they were trying to wrap things up just in case. I’ll give this a 3.5 out of 5.