Gotham: A Dark Knight: Reunion


Yep, Ed’s talking to himself again…

Gotham’s A Dark Knight season continues with “Reunion.” It’s one of their simpler titles and it works on a few levels. We’ve seen Riddler and Penguin both rise to become major threats to the city (far too early in the timeline), and now it’s time for another of Batman’s foes to get the spotlight. A lot of weirdness goes on in this one.

The show opens at Wayne Manor, where Bruce somehow decides the thing to do is toss his prototype costume into the fire. The issue of whatever chemicals must be in the armor to one side, this stuff, that’s supposed to protect him in combat, isn’t fire proof? This seems improbable at best.

While Bruce engages in impromptu arson of his own future, Ivy is hunting for Harvey Bullock. Not finding him, she leaves behind a calling card in Harvey’s bar. While Ivy indulges in recreational homicide, Lee meets with Sofia, who seems to be really sliding into the deep end of full blown villain. It’s not a happy or smooth meeting. Neither is the one between Alfred and Bruce. Bruce has swallowed enough of his pride to ask Alfred for help, but he’s badly damaged, if not outright burned, that bridge, and Alfred gives a surprising answer before walking away.

While Nygma argues with Riddler, which is always a bit disturbing to watch, Lucius and Gordon investigate the scene of Ivy’s earlier visit. Things are ugly there, and lead Gordon to worry about Harvey. After they a bit of a comic set up, they find Harvey alive and as well as he gets. They work in a reminder to the audience that Harvey killed Ivy’s father a while back. In true villain fashion, Ivy takes over the tvs (How? She’s not a tech villain) and declares her war on Gotham in general and anyone that hurt her in particular.

Gordon and Harley grudgingly agree to work together to find Ivy, since Gordon wants to do his job and Harvey wants to keep breathing. The teamwork only goes so far, and Harvey goes off to run down a few leads on his own. Lee meets with Ed to talk over Sofia’s demands, and, after a false start, Ed sends out some spies to figure out what the murderous crime boss is up to.

Gordon and a team of cops hit the apartment where Ivy has been squatting, but the plant lady is long gone. Gordon gets called off to the side, where he has a hushed and hurried conversation with Selina, also looking for Ivy. Gordon is worried about Selina hunting the madwoman, but gets distracted when he gets a call from Harvey so Selina disappears again. They manage to find Ivy, but things don’t go as planned.

Riddler and Ed argue over the future of their body and what will happen to Lee if Riddler gets free. Gordon and Harvey have something of a disagreement due to some outside influences, and this keeps them busy as Ivy gets away to continue her homicidal plans. Bruce goes to Sirens to try and get some help from Selina, but she’s too busy for his drama and gives him some advice.

Ed reports to Lee about something he’s learned regarding the crime boss and the GCPD captain, which gives her food for thought. He also wants to tell her something else but can’t quite get the words out and takes off, leaving a confused Doc behind him. In true “guy” fashion, Jim and Harvey’s fight lets them open up enough to talk about their issues as they figure out where Ivy is going to hit next.

Multiple plot threads start coming together at the annual Wayne Foundation dinner. Bruce gives a speech but gets thrown off track when Alfred comes in, and Bruce turns it into a giant thank you to his guardian/butler/surrogate parent. They have a conversation that goes weirdly, and ends just before Ivy with her bespelled henchmen come in and take over. While this goes on, Ed and Riddler come to a strange agreement.

Bruce, wandering off in a fit of angst and self-pity, managed to miss the entire takeover, and only finds out about it when Gordon and most of the GCPD comes rolling up. Things deteriorate into a massive firefight, and Bruce sneaks back in to save Alfred. The boy billionaire is set to just get his friend out, but Alfred urges him to do more. Bruce helps a bit, gets involved in a friendly fire incident, but manages to get away.

Ivy goes back “home,” which I guess the cops weren’t smart enough to stake out. Selina is waiting and tries to talk her former friend out of going on another killing spree. When words fail, the two fight. Ivy has powers, but Selina is a lot more skilled as a fighter. Selina manages to accomplish her goal, but I think their friendship died on the floor here. Lee tries her plan with Sofia, finds out she’s outmaneuvered, and gets a few nasty surprises as an old rival returns.

Jim pays a call to the hospital to check on someone who was badly hurt, and looks grim. He doesn’t actually swear revenge, but it’s certainly implied. There’s a bizarre three-way conversation between Penguin, Ed, and Riddler, which results in a change to the status quo. Alfred and Bruce patch things up on a few levels out at the Manor. Gordon finally tells Bullock a big and important secret.

What I liked: I’m glad the stupid rift between Alfred and Bruce seems to be at least on the road to being repaired. For that matter, teen party boy idiot Bruce seems to be gone as well, and I won’t miss him. I’m glad Selina took a stand against Ivy. Gordon and Bullock seem to be on the road to patching up their differences as well.

What I didn’t: Ivy now as an adult joins the ranks of Batman’s foes who are way older than he is. Yes, that’s still bothering me. I’m finding Sofia more annoying than menacing. I don’t like what happened to Lee. Bruce’s burning scene didn’t make sense on almost any level.

It was an ok episode. Not great, not bad, ok. I’ll give it a straight 3 out of 5.