Flash: Crisis on Earth X, Part 3


The Resistance isn’t what or who you’d expect…

The big crossover, Crisis on Earth X, continues in its third part on Flash. Several of the heroes are in what appears to be a concentration camp, and things are looking grim. They all have collars on to negate powers (even the ones that don’t have powers), and the collars are good enough that Stein and Jax can’t merge into Firestorm. Their fellow prisoners bear colored badges to indicate their crimes, such as pink triangles for the gay man that is one of the few to talk to the heroes. Alex worries about Kara, and Oliver says they are going to find a way back to the people they love.

On Earth 1 at STAR, things aren’t gong well for the good guys, either. The rest of the heroes, minus the Legends that haven’t shown up yet, are in cells in the Pipeline. Cisco recovers from the concussion he suffered at the wedding attack, and immediately starts bickering with Wells. A frustrated Black Canary asks if they’re going to do that all night, and a resigned Caitlin answers, “Probably.”

Upstairs, we finally see what happened to Supergirl. She’s strapped down to a table, bathed in red sun lamps to drain her powers, so they can harvest her heart and give it to her ailing doppleganger, Overgirl. Wells, tooling around in his old wheelchair, gloats about her captured friends and her own fate. He also mentions he spent some 15 years at this STAR and hated every minute of it. Overgirl displays her twisted mindset when Kara is appalled at how many innocents they’ve killed to get to her (like that poor priest). Iris and Felicity have taken refuge in the air vents, trying to come up with a plan to free the others, leading to a great, “Lead on, McLane,” line; a nice Die Hard reference for this time of year.

Back at the camp on Earth X, sirens are blaring and prisoners are scurrying for cover. The heroes, and the man who was talking to them, get led from the camp to face a firing squad, under the direction of the commandant, this world’s version of Quentin Lance. This Lance has bought into the party line, and is disgusted when Sara tells him she’s bi. The squad lines up, and get as far as, “Ready… Aim…” when a familiar voice remarks, “I hate fire.” It’s Leonard Snart to the rescue.

Sara is stunned to see Snart, and there’s general confusion. Snart disables the collar of the man with them, and he turns out to be the Ray, a hugely powerful DC Character. Sara wonders who he is, and Ray responds, “I was thinking he same about you all.” They leave for the base of what appears to be the resistance.

Supergirl and Overgirl argue more about their differing world views. Overgirl seems very well informed about Supergirl’s life, and events on two different Earths. Overgirl does get some insightful comments. Back at STAR, Felicity and Iris continue creeping around, and manage to find some weapons and a way to contact the rest of the Legends.

The resistance base proves to be Earth X’s version of Team Arrow’s Lair. Ray is still not sure he believes the story the heroes are telling him. Among the other surprises are that Ray is also from Earth 1, and that they have some kind of stable portal nearby. The heroes want to use it to get home, but the leader of the resistance arrives and says he’s going to blow it up. Alex is surprised when the General ends up being Winn Schott.

Winn is relentless in his determination to ignore the heroes’ pleas. The Nazis have a very powerful weapon that can now affect other realms, and he’s not taking any chances. Alex finally has a private talk with him, telling him about how close the other version of him is with Kara and her. He remains unimpressed.

Stein and Jax have a touching scene where they clear the air about their upcoming separation. Alex has a somewhat less emotional scene with Sara about their dalliance while the DEO Agent scrounges for weapons to try something desperate to save Kara. As all this goes on, Snart and Ray get their own scene, about their shared past. Ray finally changes into something that resembles his comic book costume, and we learn that Ray has persuaded Winn to give them a chance.

Oliver plans their raid on the enemy stronghold, aided by some superspeed reconnaissance from Barry. Not only are there a LOT of troops there, but Barry reports power dampers all over the base. Oliver comes up with a plan, and Winn complains that all this is against his better judgement and they have one hour, no more.

Supergirl has been thoroughly drained, and Thawne/Wells injects her with a needle. Now that she’s out of other options, Supergirl says her cousin will come after them. The Reverse Flash laughs and says he fought Superman in the future, and that, while he’s fast, Thawne is faster. Iris and Felicity are hiding in the Time Vault in STAR, and from there, Felicity manages to kill the power. Dark Arrow asks Wells where someone would be hiding, and Wells speeds off to the Time Vault, finding it empty. Meanwhile, Felicity and Iris have gotten to Kara, and Felicity gets off the “Come with me if you want to live” line. Kara tells the other women to get her to the sun so she can get her powers back. Unfortunately, the opening door doesn’t get them out, it lets Metallo in, who blasts Supergirl and heralds more guards flooding in.

Oliver’s somewhat predictable plan is to pose as his evil self and bluff their way into the base. Lance is here, too, and surprised to see Oliver. Oliver is out of his depth here, especially when the Nazi superweapon turns out to be a version of the Legends’ Waverider. Unable to come up with a decent way to stop it, Oliver has to watch as it goes through the portal.

Thawne and Dark Arrow are unable to start operating on Kara with the power still being out, and even Thawne isn’t smart enough to break Felicity’s encryption. Back on Earth X, Lance has gotten suspicious and has a test for Oliver, in the form of that world’s Felicity. Ordered to kill her, Oliver goes on the attack and kills a truly impressive number of guards before finally shutting down the damper. Flash speeds in, starts to ask how it went, and then stops at seeing the bodies. Snart gets the bad news that Winn changed his mind and sent in the weapon to destroy the Nazi base early. The weapon proves to be someone Supergirl has fought before: Red Tornado.

Thawne and Felicity taunt each other, and he says that in the future, when people study this age of heroes, no one knows who she is. Thawne threatens her and Kara finally tells Felicity to turn the power back on. Kara doesn’t want to see her friends killed to save her, and Felicity finally, reluctantly, agrees.

The big fight on Earth X takes a nasty turn when Flash and the Ray zip off to stop Red Tornado. Snart hears his doppleganger’s quote about plans, and is appalled at going off plan. The desperate heroes are running out of time, and Stein comes up with bright idea of splitting back out of Firestorm so he and Jax can be in more places at once. The fight takes a cruel turn, and the episode ends on a major cliffhanger.

What I liked: Wentworth Miller is back as Leonard Snart, which is always a treat. Seeing the Ray was an interesting surprise, but makes sense with the upcoming cartoon on CW Seed. Winn as the general was another big surprise; Earth X is the first place we’ve seen people both from Earths 1 and 38 (Kara’s home). Lance as an enemy commandant was a surprise, but it made sense.

What I didn’t: Where the heck did Winn get Red Tornado? Why do Flash and Ray, two of the fastest heroes around, have so much trouble catching up with it? For that matter, at both of their power levels, the Ray and Flash vs. Red Tornado should be a short fight. I think this is the first time we’ve seen a hint that the Waverider, and possibly the Time Masters, are duplicated on the multiple Earths, and I’m not sure how well that works. Firestorm splitting at the end was a bad idea.

I’m enjoying the crossover as a whole, and the additions of Ray and Snart were both really cool. I’ll give this a 3.5 out of 5, and see how the finale goes.