Arrow: Crisis On Earth X, Part 2


Evil twins are bad enough, but NAZI evil twins? Really?

The Crisis on Earth X continues with part two, as Arrow shifts to another night for the fun. Part one ended with Prometheus held captive in the Pipeline, pulling his mask off. Part two starts us off with the surprise reveal that Earth X’s Prometheus is Tommy Merlyn, Oliver’s long-dead friend. A stunned Oliver asks for a moment alone, and the rest of the heroes meet in the Cortex, discussing what’s going on. Wells tells them about Earth X, a 53rd Earth where the Nazi’s won and no one in their right mind ever wants to go. In the comics, Earth X is a similar place, peopled by Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters, the resistance to the Nazi regime. Mick theorizes the Nazis showed up at the wedding because the crab legs were delicious.

Tommy tells Oliver what his life was like, and then mocks Oliver for caring. It’s a nasty little scene, driving home the point that the people from Earth X might look like ones we know, but they’re very different people. After ranting about his loyalty to the ideals of his world, Tommy kills himself so he can’t be questioned, making Oliver watch his best friend die for the second time. No wonder Oliver is the grim, broody, Batman type so often.

Over on Earth X, that Oliver learns of Tommy’s death from a bio-sensor he has implanted in his friend. Oliver and Thawne/Wells bicker a lot, showing that the friendship on the main Earth doesn’t carry over. Their argument escalates to threats, which are finally broken up by Overgirl. We do learn they need to find a prism of some kind, and that whatever plan is afoot is evil Oliver’s.

Felicity touches base with Team Arrow back in Star City, and tells them to just stay put for now. Curtis is going to be helping them search for the bad guys with the Lair’s gear, and Diggle is recovering from the complications of the implant they tried on him last time. Felicity and Oliver talk about Tommy, which segues into Oliver’s proposal, something Felicity clearly doesn’t want to discuss. She brings up all the problems from their earlier engagement and just asks Oliver to respect her choice on this. It just sounds like a bunch of excuses to me.

Caitlin, Wells, and Jax are trying to find ways to help the others. Apparently the Waverider is quite literally in the Stone Age, so it and the other Legends aren’t available. Stein comes in and wants to talk to Jax. Jax reveals that, the power of Firestorm to one side, Jax is going to miss Stein, the closest he’s ever had to a father.

Sara and Alex run into each other and have some really awkward day-after stuff going on. Well, Alex does. Sara seems fine with it. Alex then whines to Kara about her one night stand and throwing things away with Maggie. Kara tells her she has to be true to herself.

Iris and Felicity commiserate about their romantic woes, and then an alarm goes off. The idea of just letting the cops handle it goes away when they see Nazis on the video, which gets the team moving. Flash and Supergirl get to the museum, and then wait, and Green Arrow finally shows up on his motorcycle, saying, “Quick reminder: superspeed? I don’t have it.” Then we get the required heroes facing off against their evil selves scene, with a lot of taunting. The best bit of the fight is Green Arrow using a Kryptonite arrow, Supergirl asking why he has one, and him saying, “In case an evil you ever showed up.” Personally, I’m wondering where Oliver got it, since Kryptonians and Kryptonite seem to be stuff from another Earth. The bad guys escape after a big fight by endangering some innocents.

The team goes over the various bad things the bad guys can do with the prism they stole. Alex studies the blood on Oliver’s green K arrow (wouldn’t Caitlin have been a better choice?) and finds traces of special radiation in it. With no other leads, the team gets to work trying to trace the radiation.

Thawne and Overgirl argue about needing a power source, which Dark Arrow is on the way to get. They talk about their Oliver being torn between the mission they’re on and saving Overgirl. She assures Thawne that she’ll make sure Oliver makes the right choice, even if she has to force him to it.

Mick seems really entranced by the idea of Caitlin becoming Killer Frost again, and asks a lot of questions. Last team up, he was flirting with Supergirl, now Caitlin. At least he’s consistent. Barry and Iris are back in the time vault, stunned that Thawne is back. They talk about all the baggage that comes with Thawne being back, like Barry being reminded of his mother’s death. Oliver comes in, apologizes for interrupting, and talks briefly about Felicity’s new declaration that she doesn’t believe in marriage. Felicity shows up and says they found the Nazis, leading Green Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, White Canary, Alex, and Firestorm to suit up and go. After they leave and Felicity and Iris touch base, Mick wanders in, complaining they’re out of mustard, and apparently missed the others leaving.

The team rushes in and there’s another huge fight between the heroes and the Nazis. Some of the bad guys are there, but not Dark Arrow. As the fight rages on, we see that Dark Arrow has gone after the power source they need… which is at STAR. While Caitlin finds the mustard Mick was complaining about, Wells finds Dark Arrow by pretty much literally walking into him. Wells manages to sound the alarm before the evil archer knocks him out. Why these ruthless villains aren’t killing their foes, I’m not sure. The main fight rages on, with Firestorm being horribly misused as just strafing runs of fire blasts. If there was ever time for him to crank out that transmutation power again, this would be it. Some more green K would be nice about now. As that goes on, Dark Arrow defeats Mick with a snare arrow (why does he have less than lethal weapons?), and then goes up against Killer Frost, who is suddenly a lot less effective than usual. Reinforcements show up for both fights, as Dark Arrow gets confronted by Team Arrow (although Mr. Terrific doesn’t use his spheres, nor Canary her cry) and the heroes’ big gun, Supergirl, gets taken down by Metallo and his Kryptonite blasts.

Essentially, both teams of heroes lose, and get captured. The STAR crew, ironically, ends up in the Pipeline. The others are tied up where the fight was, after Firestorm somehow or other separated when he (they?) stupidly divebomb Overgirl. Wells mocks the captured heroes, who have been fitted with power dampening collars. At STAR, Dark Arrow boasts that he enjoyed hurting the heroes, and that he’s there for a very specific item. After being blasted by Metallo, Green Arrow, Flash, and company, sans Supergirl, wake up in a penned-in area that looks a lot like a concentration camp. Talk about a grim cliffhanger.

What I liked: They do a great job of blending the casts, and getting in various interactions you wouldn’t see otherwise. Mick continues to get in great lines. GA’s line about not having super-speed was great. The comment about the Waverider being in the Stone Age was a bit odd, but it explains why they’re not using the ship or the other Legends. I applaud them for being brave enough to actually show a concentration camp-like setting. I’m glad Sara is refusing to be embarrassed about her night with Alex. The big fight near the end had some great moments.

What I didn’t: I don’t get why Dark Arrow isn’t killing people, not that I want either Wells or Mick dead, or why he has capture arrows. Firestorm was used badly (when isn’t he?) and his fighting tactics made no sense. Why would the Nazis have Metallo? To stop Overgirl if they needed to? Why did Team Arrow fight so ineffectively, aside from making Dark Arrow look good?

It was a good episode, if it had a few flaws in the action. As a part of the crossover, it was a decent chapter. I’ll give it a 3.5 out of 5. It would have been higher if they hadn’t done a few of the odd choices in the fights.