Legends of Tomorrow: Fellowship of the Spear


Snart doesn’t follow the dress code for this meeting


The episode starts off in 1918 France. It’s an interesting choice, with the Wonder Woman movie coming up and so much of that appearing to be set in the same era. Nate, Sara, and Amaya are dressed in appropriate clothes for the time, and tracking blood with the assembled Spear of Destiny. Then, with the usual overused plot device, we drop back 72 hours to see how we ended up in this mess.

The team is on the Waverider, looking at the bits of the Spear. Rory makes a comment about it being good to scratch itches with, which doesn’t sit well with the rest of the team. Nate, mourning the loss of his grandfather, is spending some time alone in his room and will go with what the team decides. Rip shares the information that he knows where the Legion is– the Time Masters’ former headquarters Vanishing Point, the strange base outside the timestream.

The team splits up as they search the place to cover more ground. Atom is shrunk down and flying around, Sara and Mick are another group, and Firestorm and Rip are another. Mick remembers Snart’s death here, and looks as close to shaken as he ever allows himself to be. Sara sympathizes with him over his loss. Rip and Firestorm find the hiding place of the last piece of the Spear. When Rip’s blaster won’t get the strange container open, Firestorm smirks and asks what Rip’s favorite candy is. In a matter of moments, Firestorm uses his rarely seen transmutational power to turn the container into a mound of jelly beans. Rip retrieves the piece of the Spear, and comments the jelly beans are delicious. Thawne speeds after the team, too late to prevent the Legends from escaping aboard the Waverider.

The team lays the collected pieces of the Spear out, and it reassembles itself, which is a neat trick. Rip warns Stein not to touch it, telling them all that the spear will tempt each of them to use its power to remake the world. Bored with the discussion, Mick tries to shortcut the talk about what to do with the Spear by blasting it with his flame gun. Not only does this not do anything, it reveals some hidden Latin words. Since no one else knows Latin, Amaya brings the words to Nate, who translates them as, “Born of blood, undone by blood.” Nate says this suggests that the Spear can be destroyed the same way it was made powerful: by the blood of Christ. I have to say, it’s rare that a show actual deals with Jesus as a historical reality, although the Spear has long been a part of DC comics history. Through a long series of obscure historical references, their next stop becomes World War I France, searching for a man who might know where the Blood can be found: JRR Tolkien.

At Vanishing Point, Thawne is throwing a fit about the loss of their piece of the Spear. Darhk looks on, amused. When Thawne finally winds down, Darhk comments that they need more help before they take on the Legends again.

So, starting to put the pieces together from the opening scene, the Legends go to France and end up in the Battle of the Somme, one of the bloodiest conflicts in human history. They creep around and manage to find Tolkien, who really was serving at that point. Eventually, they convince him they really need his help to find the tomb of Sir Gawain, which supposedly has a vial of the Blood in it. Mick, off on his own, gets another visitation from Snart, who seems to be trying hard to drive a wedge between Mick and the Legends.

Amaya seems really struck by the carnage of the war, which I’m not sure I get since she came from rural Africa, often not a peaceful place, and then became a special agent in World War II. She and Sara talk, and Amaya reveals she’s seen her future. Sara tries to reassure her, and says her granddaughter becomes a great hero.

Mick and Stein talk by the Spear, and Mick reveals he saw Snart again. Before that conversation becomes much more than comic relief, Sara calls the team together and tells them what they need to do. Eventually, they end up at a ruined church, complete with treasure for Mick to drool over and secret compartments to hide holy relics. While they are trying to leave, they run across the Legion of Doom with their newest member: Leonard Snart from before he joined the Legends. Mick is astonished when everyone else sees and hears Snart, too. Tolkien manages to get a rubbing of the knight’s shield, and the next clue, before they retreat from the newly reinforced Legion.

The team is feeling tension back on the Waverider. Mostly, it’s directed at Mick. They’re understandably annoyed that he told Snart so much. In his defense, he thought Snart was a hallucination. Tolkien, revealing himself to be a bit shell-shocked, helps the team figure out where to go next. Unfortunately, it’s in the middle of No Man’s Land, the most dangerous place to be, between the two armies.

Amaya’s been acting oddly through much of this episode, and now she’s hanging out creepily by the Spear. She wants to use the Spear’s power to get them safely to the blood. She claims her experience with the Tantu Totem will let her handle it ok. The rest of the team doesn’t like this plan, and she gets outvoted.

This pretty much gets us back to where the show started. One part of the team is going after the blood, one part trying to get the English to agree to a cease-fire, and another the same with the Germans. They sort of manage it, after Rip does some maneuvering with the Waverider’s communication array. Eventually, the Legends find the blood, and the Legion finds the Legends. Just before this, Sara made the tactical error of giving the Spear to Mick.

There’s a very tense standoff between the teams, with Mick caught in the middle. Considering the way a lot of the team has treated him over time, plus the pull of his best friend, Mick makes an understandable decision. Later, the team argues about what to do next, and what they should have done differently. Malcolm Merlyn rejoins the Legion with an ancient manuscript in hand. They all chant from it while clutching the Spear. No good can come of this…

What I liked: It was an unexpected pleasure seeing Tolkien pop up. I was really amused when Mick realized everyone else could see Snart. It was good seeing Firestorm use his major power again. Thawne’s temper tantrum was funny. At least Ray acknowledged that they haven’t been good to Mick. I loved seeing Snart again.

What I didn’t: Nate’s Steel powers are really inconsistent, coming and going at random. Amaya’s acting really weird. They haven’t been treating Mick real well, and that’s coming back to bite them.

This was a somewhat inconsistent episode, but I’m really interested to see what happens next week. I’ll give this a 3 out of 5.