Darkwing Duck 7


Darkwing Duck 7

Storytellers: Aaron Sparrow & James Silvani
Colorist: Andrew Dalhouse, Paul Little, & Matt Herms
Letterer: Brandon Stefano

One of the things I really like about Darkwing is the sense of humor. It’s superhero satire to start with, but sometimes steps up the game. This issue was, in large part, a parody of the Walking Dead. The nods to scenes from the show, not to mention Launchpad in a vest with a crossbow, were really done.

The real menace has to do with evil vegetables. In the world of Darkwing Duck, this means Bushroot, but there’s more going on than the usual villain. There’s a mad scientist lurking in the background, as well as a very obscure character from DW’s past. Aside from Herb Muddlefoot as Negan, there’s also a surprise at the end as another figure from the past makes a last page appearance, as well a nod to a very famous hero origin.

Plot: This was just damned entertaining. Darkwing is great in and of himself. Putting him in full homage mode with something as big as Walking Dead is just tons of fun. I’m giving this a 4 out of 5 for pure entertainment value.

Art: I’ll go 4 out of 5 for art, too. The nods to a few classic Walking Dead scenes were great.

Positives: This was just amusement pure and simple. Darkwing is consistently goofy fun, and this captures the spirit of the original cartoon really well.

Negatives: I really can’t think of any. I admit to being biased, as both a Darkwing and Walking Dead fan.