Darkwing Duck 8

Darkwing Duck 8 Storytellers: Aaron Sparrow & James Silvani Colorist: Paul Little & Wes Dziora Letterer: AW’s DC Hopkins Cover: Wes Dziora This is part two of the story that started off as a Walking Dead parody. Darkwing ends up in an unlikely alliance with his usual foe, Bushroot, to go up against some characters…

Darkwing Duck 7

Darkwing Duck 7 Storytellers: Aaron Sparrow & James Silvani Colorist: Andrew Dalhouse, Paul Little, & Matt Herms Letterer: Brandon Stefano One of the things I really like about Darkwing is the sense of humor. It’s superhero satire to start with, but sometimes steps up the game. This issue was, in large part, a parody of…


Darkwing Duck #5

This is a great example of the simple, and silly, storytelling that is the Darkwing Duck comic. I think it perfectly captures the flavor of the show. If you enjoyed the cartoon, this should be right up your alley. This is my usual rebuttal when someone accuses me of taking my comics and superheroes too seriously, because let’s face it, Darkwing isn’t remotely serious.