Daredevil Season Two: Dogs To A Gunfight


This is NOT going to be a good shopping experience

Daredevil’s second season continues with “Dogs to a Gun Fight.” In the wake of the attack on the hospital in the premier, the police have a lot to do. CSI is working the scene of the attack, which is most of that floor of the hospital. You’ve got to feel sorry for those techs.

Foggy has heard about the mess and gone to the hospital. Foggy is far from stupid, and he’s put together the attack, the mob hit, their client getting away, and no one hearing from Matt for a while. He has a lot of heart, Mr. Nelson. He eventually manages to find Daredevil on a roof near the hospital, in really not great shape. And apparently Claire is busy over in Jessica Jones’ series at this point.

With a lot of help, Matt makes it back to his place. He and Foggy argue about Matt’s Daredevil career in general, and this case in particular. Even Matt admits that this man he’s been fighting is really fast. Daredevil’s special new costume was even damaged by the shots. Foggy is all for the police handling this one, but Matt argues this guy will plow right through the cops. He’s got a decent point, actually. Police aren’t trained to deal with a special forces level bad actor as a rule. At least their client, Grotto, is presently safe and making a deal with the DA’s office in the person of Samantha Reyes.

Reyes is a very hard-nosed District Attorney who is another link between the shows, having previously appeared on Jessica Jones. Reyes and Foggy, when they meet up, clash over the nature of the deal and the best interests of Foggy’s client Grotto. Sgt. Mahoney also delivers some disturbing news- there are Daredevil fans out there who are imitating him, taking the law into their own hands.

Back at his place, Matt has some serious after-effects from his fight. Even with an armored costume, getting shot in the head is serious if you’re lacking on the super power department (enhanced senses not really helping in this case). It’s an eerie little scene that shows Matt is far from invulnerable.

DA Reyes turns down most of what Grotto offers. Finally, she pushes him into wearing a wire to nail someone else on some drug charges. She tries to intimidate Grotto into accepting by showing him some files on the recent killings. This is where we first hear the name Punisher, a name coined supposedly by an FBI profiler. That sounds like a little too much imagination for most of the Feds I’ve met, especially on an official report, but that’s me.

In a pawn shop, there’s a scene that I think does a great job showing who the Punisher is. He goes in buying some black-market radio equipment so he can keep tabs on the cops. That’s smart, and good tactics, and is what the Punisher is all about. They also show what he’s about when the pawn shop owner doesn’t know enough to quit while he’s behind. Pushing for another sale, he brings up kiddie porn. That provokes a very ugly reaction, and an idea that the Punisher isn’t just out there going after gangs. I think it’s a decent characterization scene.

Karen and Foggy spend some time in the office, and once again, Nelson and Murdock’s financial situation is shown to be pretty bad. Karen wonders if she’s drawing all this craziness into her life, if she deserves it somehow. I’m sure she’s thinking about Wesley from last season, but she has at least one other dark secret in her background. She then goes to visit Matt, and they reflect on the nature of vigilantes. Karen clearly has feelings for Matt. She also shares the Punisher name with him before she leaves.

Matt has some errands of his own to do. He revisits Melvin Potter (better known as Gladiator in the comics), the man who made his suit. Potter explains repairing the damage isn’t simple, and he’ll need a few days. Naturally, Daredevil isn’t going to wait that long. Off he goes, disguised in a hoodie and sweats, back to the mob hit where Grotto was wounded. Matt pulls off one of his tricks from the comics, using his senses to track the Punisher. Can you imagine your sense of smell being that strong in New York City in a summer heat wave? Ick.

All roads are leading to Grotto’s attempt to incriminate his former associate, Brass. Reyes has no interest in Brass, and has laid all this out as a trap for the Punisher. Foggy, being present, figures this out mostly due to Karen. Matt clues in from the Punisher’s apartment/armory, which he found. All this leads to a rematch between the two, who fight it out while cop sniper bullets rain down around them. Reyes doesn’t seen too sympathetic towards Daredevil, even though her assistant, Blake Tower, is one of DD’s allies in the comics. Daredevil and Punisher’s fight is ugly, and ends with both of them disappearing, once more leaving a worried Foggy behind. Poor guy. It can be rough being a hero’s sidekick.

What I liked: I think the scene with the Punisher at the pawn shop was a nice way of learning more about who he is. He clearly didn’t have to go after the cashier, and no one was being hurt at that moment. Matt’s commitment to his own crusade comes across strongly here, too. I like that Foggy hasn’t just become a convert to Matt’s cause, and has a lot of reservations. Reyes is ruthless, but I understand where she’s coming from. I think it was a good touch to show that Matt takes his wounds from his efforts, both in the scene at his place and the scars they show all over his back.

What I didn’t: Even though she’s definitely highly intelligent, it seemed like Karen figured out Reyes’ secret plan a little too easily. Considering we heard earlier from Sgt. Mahoney that some cops like Daredevil, and even the Punisher, it seems like the snipers opened up on both of them a little too willingly.

Overall, another great episode. I’ll give this one a 4 out of 5.