Daredevil Season Two: Bang


Sure… blind guy playing pool… why not?

Daredevil returns for season two with “Bang.” If this is anything to judge by, it will be just as good as last time, which is to say great. The opening scene involves a heat wave gripping New York, with all the bad temper that usually brings. This becomes a chase through the streets between several police officers and a gang of masked men. Of course, it’s not long before Daredevil becomes involved and handles the bad guys easily enough. It’s a great action scene showcasing Daredevil’s skills.

By day, there is the seemingly obligatory scene of kids playing in the spray of a fire hydrant. I guess that’s how you know it’s hot in New York. Walking by, Foggy and Matt have amusing banter about Foggy’s lifestyle, and more serious worries about Matt’s masked career. Matt tells a story about a client they had last week to illustrate why he feels compelled to not only act as Daredevil, but go out every night.

One of the big changes from last season is that their law office is a lot busier. They have gained a good reputation since they opened. But, like last season, they are still having money problems. Like Atticus Finch in To Kill A Mockingbird, they are getting paid by… let’s just say non-traditional means.

That night, there’s a meeting of what appears to be the Irish mob. There’s a lot of talk about them taking Hell’s Kitchen back, lightly touching on the power vacuum set up by the events last season, with Kingpin thinning out the crime organizations. The scene takes a dramatic turn when the room is filled with gunfire. We never see the shooter(s?) but they’re very good.

Another call back to first season is Josie’s, the dive bar that Foggy is so fond of. Foggy, Matt, and Karen are spending some time together playing pool. I personally think that’s a bad choice for a guy trying to maintain his cover as a blind superhero, but what do I know? Matt’s senses pick out someone in the bar that doesn’t fit in, and he goes to talk to the man.

The conversation starts off with some posturing and vague statements, but eventually, the story emerges. This man is from the Irish mob, and is a survivor of the attack we saw before. Well, mostly a survivor. After he manages to get his story across to Matt, and why he’s looking for Matt, the mobster falls over, bleeding profusely. He does manage to tell Matt that they weren’t hit by a rival gang, it was an army.

The police are working the scene of the massacre. There are a lot of really ugly wounds. The cops are both impressed and nervous seeing that the attackers shot through multiple layers of body armor. Foggy and Matt show up and end up talking with Sgt. Brett Mahoney, the one good cop they were dealing with last season. Brett isn’t happy, but he trusts Foggy, at least somewhat. There have been several similar hits in the last few weeks. What’s puzzling everyone is that no gang is moving in to new territory when a group is killed, and no one has heard anything about who or what is behind the killings.

Karen is standing guard over their client, who has been checked into a hospital under a fake name. With insurance and paperwork being what they are, I have no idea how they pulled that minor miracle off, but Karen is a fierce guardian. While she does that, Daredevil pays a visit to Turk, a low-lever weapons dealer who managed to survive last season. It’s not exactly a friendly conversation, but Daredevil learns a little. Foggy, meanwhile, pays a very tense visit to a motorcycle gang known as the Dogs of War. This scene shows both how brave and foolhardy Foggy can be. He does manage to get some useful information.

While Foggy is risking his life, Daredevil traces a lead to a large butcher shop/meat packing plant (hey, at least it’s not an abandoned warehouse). Daredevil is clearly too late, and what’s been left behind is gruesome. Whoever did this, they made good use of the tools at hand. It’s a mess. One man isn’t quite dead yet and gives Daredevil the surprising news that this was all done by one man.

Back at the hospital, the killer shows up. He’s a tall man dressed in black, and he’s very good at what he does, if ruthless. There’s a cat and mouse game through the hospital as Karen tries to get “Steve,” the fake name he’s checked in under, to safety. The killer doesn’t seem that concerned about bystanders, firing off a lot of rounds.

Of course, all of this ends up in a big fight between Daredevil and the Punisher (that’s who the shooter is). They batter each other all over the roof in a really brutal fight, which is sort of the hallmark of the series. Daredevil makes one really bad, amateurish mistake at one point, yelling and ruining what would have been a perfectly good sneak attack on Punisher. The episode ends with one of the two left to a very uncertain fate.

What I liked: This show maintains the highest level of quality. All the actors did great jobs. The banter between the characters was entertaining. Matt, Foggy, and Karen are all brave in different ways. They touch on the events of the first season without getting mired by them. And the action and fight scene are just astounding. I like that Daredevil has finally gotten his codename and costume, too. No more Dread Pirate Matt!

What I didn’t: I mentioned it above, but that one move of Daredevil jumping at the Punisher and yelling was just amazingly stupid. Both from his training with Stick and his experience up to this point, he should have known better. It may seem like a small thing but it really bothered me.

I’ll give this a high 4 out of 5 for the premier. It’ll be really interesting to see how the Daredevil/Punisher dynamic plays out, and even more so when Elektra gets added later. I wonder if Claire will be back again.