Harley Quinn: New Gotham

Season Two begins with “New Gotham,” which is an interesting little mess. As a quick recap: the Justice League is trapped in the Fairy Tale Realm, Joker is MIA possibly dead, Batman is missing, and Gotham is in ruins.

Luke Cage: They Reminisce Over You

           Luke Cage’s second season, and sadly the series, come to an end in “They Reminisce Over You.” I’ll talk more about the end later. I will say there were a lot of surprises and twists along the way, most of which I didn’t see coming. Since it’s both a season and series finale, there will be spoilers below.


Daredevil Season Two: Bang

Daredevil returns for season two with “Bang.” If this is anything to judge by, it will be just as good as last time, which is to say great. The opening scene involves a heat wave gripping New York, with all the bad temper that usually brings. This becomes a chase through the streets between several police officers and a gang of masked men. Of course, it’s not long before Daredevil becomes involved and handles the bad guys easily enough. It’s a great action scene showcasing Daredevil’s skills.