Legends of Tomorrow: White Knights


Leonard Snart and Ray Palmer- the dream team?

The Legends of Tomorrow continue their quest through time in “White Knights.” This title could have several meanings. They say phrase several times throughout the episode. There was a movie in 1985 that had a similar setting. And one of the characters has a connection, in the comics at least, to an organization that used different color chess pieces as titles for their members.

The team goes to Washington, DC, in 1986. Stein points out that they are going to the nation’s capital at the height of the Cold War. They come up with an elaborate plan to steal some files from the Pentagon which goes horribly wrong almost from the first. Captain Cold, Heat Wave, and Ray Palmer (never suited up as Atom this whole episode) do exactly what they are supposed to. Jax gets a bit rash as Firestorm, and Kendra shows she has some control issues with her “inner hawk-goddess.” Those problems continue as a running issue throughout the episode.

Despite the problems, they manage to learn that Savage has gone to Russia. The team (who it would be really helpful if they came up with a name for) pursues him, but have more complications when the hunter Kronos comes after them. Or, as Jax puts it, “Boba Fett is back.” Their dogfight goes badly for both ships.

Eventually, there’s a confrontation between Rip and Druse, the Time Master who mentored him. The Council of Time Masters is not willing to let Rip go, and have some grave concerns about him and his group. That gets ugly, but leads to some fun scenes with Rip and Mick/Heat Wave. Less fun is Jax getting injured, in part because of he and Stein bickering while fused as Firestorm.

Ray Palmer proves that he’s no James Bond, but Snart does a decent job, even without his cold gun. Eventually, this leads to a secret Russian lab and a lot of sneaking around. Again, nothing quite goes to plan. However, they do manage to meet a few more characters from the DC Universe. Valentina Vostok, in the comics, is the Negative Woman, a member of the Doom Patrol and later Checkmate, an intelligence agency. This is clearly a different version of her, but it’s an interesting choice. There’s also a guard who they show several times, who is clearly important. According to the ever-useful IMDB.com, this guard is Mikhail Arkadin. In the comics, Arkadin is one of many people who have been part of the Firestorm matrix. That’s something to remember when they reveal what Vostok has been working on for Savage.

They end the episode on an ugly cliffhanger. A good bit of the team has been captured, and Rip has been acting more like the ruthless strategist he is often shown as in the comics. The ones who aren’t facing Russian prison time are not happy with Rip at all. I can’t imagine the ones who are being all that happy, either.

What I liked: Rip being cold and calculating is a new twist that makes sense for a man playing for the high stakes that he is. Captain Cold is an interesting choice for the one to speak up about team unity, but it does fit with his code for his character on both the show and the comics. I liked that Vostok and Arkadin have turned up. I have a theory about where they’re going, but I’m keeping that to myself until next week.

What I didn’t: The fight that ended up splitting Stein and Jax apart didn’t quite make sense, at least on that front. I’m not sure why Ray never used his Atom gear, especially for the initial file theft they needed. He even mentioned it as a joke they seemed to ignore. I’m not sure it bodes well that both their skilled fighters are having control issues. Stein needs to stop trying to fill the role of autistic genius.

It was a decent episode with a lot of potential. I’ll give it a solid 3.5 out of 5.


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