iZombie: Physician Heal Thy Selfie


Ravi is the worse for wear

It’s almost getting hard to keep track of all the different mini-factions and secrets on iZombie. This week’s episode is Physician, Heal Thy Selfie, the latest in a series of great titles. I suspect there are going to be a lot of big reveals, surprises, and disappointments as they work towards the season finale.

Liv, after taking a moment to do some thinking, is a bit hesitant about getting back in bed with Drake. It’s too bad that they are probably heading for trouble. He actually seems like a great guy aside from his job. Or jobs, maybe, considering he’s caught between two bosses.

Back at Ravi and Major’s place, Ravi and Payton have a late night talk. He teases her about stealing the marshmallows from his cereal, and she talks, in very general terms, about her problems at work. She switches to whiskey and asks Ravi to stay with her. Ravi, both gentleman and geek, does so after making jokes about Marion Ravenwood’s drinking game in Raiders of the Lost Ark. He’s a lot the worse for wear the next morning when he and Liv join Clive at a crime scene.

Liv hasn’t eaten in a while, and Clive is looking for her special help. That sounds like a great set up aside from one problem- it’s a triple homicide with decapitated bodies. No heads, no brains, no visions. No one is happy. Back at the morgue, they find the dead bodies all had fake ID’s, which isn’t helping in the identification process. Clive keeps hinting at getting special help from Liv.

After Clive leaves, Ravi arranges for something to tide Liv over. Unfortunately, the quirk of the week develops into social media obsession. Neither Ravi nor Clive use any of that much, so Liv’s new mannerism gets annoying to both. A concerned Ravi also warns her about oversharing, considering how many secrets she’s keeping at this point.

There’s a great Payton/Liv/Blaine scene in Payton’s office. Blaine realizes he’s in trouble with the two of them. He actually looks hurt when Payton cuts into him with insults, and Liv makes fun of his “Team Z” phrase. Blaine finally slinks away. Liv is impressed with Payton’s chart of Boss’ organization, and then surprised when she realizes her three headless bodies are part of the chart. Payton herself has a surprise when her boss goes missing, an apparent victim of the “Chaos Killer.”

All this leads Clive and Liv to another meeting with Mr. Boss, who is his usual dismissive and jovial self. That doesn’t last when he hears more detail about the deaths. Apparently one of the headless is Boss’ nephew, and he looks rattled about it. Drake also hides to avoid Liv seeing him at Boss’ office.

Liv keeps helping with the case between way too many tweets, updates, and videos. She’s getting more and more followers to Ravi’s bewilderment. She’s also cyber-stalking Drake, and finds out details about his criminal record.

After a few scenes with Dale Bazzio, Clive, and an annoying reporter, the setting shifts to Vaughan’s offices at MaxRager. Vaughan and Gilda, along with their security man, are displeased with Major. The missing DA that Payton works for was on Major’s list, and he’d told them the DA wasn’t a zombie. Vaughan isn’t believing this since the three thugs sent after him turned up dead and headless. Vaughan gets some great lines, threatening Major with some of Sean Connery’s dialogue from the Untouchables. He also shows how ruthless he is by going after people who are posting negative things about MaxRager on Twitter.

In a very amusing scene, Drake sounds like he’s ducking out in Liv when he says he got a call from his mother. Liv tags along at his invitation, and Drake’s mom is a character. Probably something of an acquired taste, as well. Drake and Liv both bear up under this with good humor. It’s not a very revealing scene, but it lets the writers do some more great dialogue.

Blaine gets another unpleasant surprise when he has a surprise visit from Boss. Boss remembers Blaine, and they didn’t part under great terms. So far, Boss seems to be one of the few who doesn’t know about the zombies all over the city, but he knows a lot about Blaine’s business.

Ravi is suffering from another night of drinking with Payton, and complains of his breakfast that, “Snap, crackle, pop… so loud…” Clive stops by with another lead, that brings he and Liv to a marina where a strange boat has turned up with lots of blood… like, say, if three men had lost their heads on board. All of this brings Liv to a conclusion that no one else has the pieces to put together, and she goes off to do a few things on her own.

Payton and Ravi get another amusing scene, where she laments, “Man, you work up the nerve to resign and your boss gets abducted.” They have some amusing lines and play a drinking game involving Liv’s favorite show, Zombie High. That’s a nice nod to a previous episode where one of the stars of that show was murdered. Payton eventually gets her own place, and Ravi says he’s sad to see her go, but his liver is much happier. Payton also gets a surprise visit from a VIP with a request for her.

The last few scenes ratchet up the tension on almost all fronts. We see how far Blaine’s reach extends. Liv gets a lot more suspicious about Drake and has a revelation about who is going after Boss. Major comes partially clean with the MaxRager crew, and gets a nasty shock about what Vaughan has been up to.

What I liked: The dialogue is always great on this show, and it was particularly good this time around. They are doing a great job of managing to keep people in the dark even as more and more people know some of the big secrets, like the Blaine/Liv/Payton scene. I know he’s not a great guy, but I find I’m liking Drake, and liking him and Liv together. The Ravi/Payton scenes were good, too, and I wish they’d get back together. And I loved the Zombie High nod.

What I didn’t: I’m feeling really bad for Major. He can’t seem to catch a break. I’d argue he has some of the worst luck on the show, and he’s a great guy. Blaine is getting backed into a corner, and you know how dangerous animals are when that happens.

This was a fun episode. I’ll say 4 out of 5 for this one.


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