Agent Carter: The Atomic Job


Mission Impossible: Carter Style

Things keep going strangely for Agent Carter in “The Atomic Job.” Wilkes, fortunately for him still in his intangible state, wakes her up, all excited to show her something he’s learned. He has a tissue sample from Jane Scott, the titular “Lady in the Lake” from the season premier, and Wilkes can pull the dark matter out of the sample, as well as make it do odd things. With this small piece, he manages to temporarily become solid again, as well as home in on Scott’s body.

With all this oddness going on, Carter announces that, “It’s time to steal Jane Scott’s body.” Unfortunately, she’s not the only one with this idea. Jarvis and Carter break in to the cold storage building where the body is being held, but Frost and Chadwick get there first, and Frost can do tricks with dark matter similar to what Wilkes did. She then announces to her surprised husband, and the eavesdropping Carter and Jarvis, “I need an atomic bomb.” I will say that the cold storage building has the most ridiculous air vents I’ve ever seen. It’s unlikely enough that air vents are big enough for people to crawl around in, but Carter and Jarvis on hands and knees, not belly crawling, side by side? These aren’t vents, they’re corridors for dwarves.

Regrouping back at Stark’s place, the team comes up with a new plan to keep Frost away from her atomic weapons. Jarvis knows where Roxxon would be most likely to keep a bomb, due to Stark’s corporate espionage. The building has truly impressive security which is going to require a special level of effort. Later, at the SSR, Carter walks in on a celebration for Sousa’s engagement, which was itself a nicely done and entertaining scene.

Carter breaks into the offices of Mr. Jones from Roxxon to get more information. This leads to a series of short amusing scenes as she zaps him over and over again with a memory inhibitor that erases two minutes worth of memory. Eventually, she gets what she needs.

Frost keeps playing Lady MacBeth to her indecisive husband, Chadwick. She arranges a lunch meeting with Manfretti, a local mobster and former flame of Frost’s. She needs some manpower to go steal the bomb, and he agrees, for a few favors. He also displays his casually violent, if not outright psychopathic, behavior.

The somewhat unlikely SSR team eventually put together to go break in is Peggy Carter, Sousa, Jarvis, Rose from the front office, and Aloysius, a scientist from the lab with a thing for Rose and desire to get and see some real action. They bluff their way in to the Roxxon facility, and then almost at once find out they are not alone.

There’s a lot of cat and mouse through the building. Rose gets a change to prove how formidable she is, and she handles herself very well. Nothing goes quite right, from problems with the security systems to fights in the hallways. Peggy actually gets pretty badly hurt in a confrontation with the dark-matter-powered Frost.

The team goes to Violet’s place. Violet is always happy to see Sousa, her fiancé, but less so when he drags in a bleeding Agent Carter. Violet is finally persuaded they can’t take her to the hospital, and treats Carter herself. Violet also picks up on the vibe between Sousa and Carter, and isn’t happy about it, not that I blame her.

Eventually, Chadwick summons the Council for a meeting about what he and Frost have been up to, which can’t be good for the SSR. Carter eventually makes it back to Stark’s, with a lot of help from her friends. The end of the episode has a surprise for one of the characters that really doesn’t look good for him.

What I liked: The Mission Impossible style team assembly was entertaining. Rose kicked ass this episode, and I hope we get to see more of her in action. Carter has an amazing amount of toughness in dealing with her injuries. Frost’s power is getting interesting, and she’s very adept at manipulating not just her husband, but men in general.

What I didn’t: I get that Carter is the focus of the show, but does every male character need to be either evil, weak, or comic relief? It’s getting a bit repetitive. Speaking of strong females, I’d like Ana Jarvis to come back for more scenes. The dark matter is getting more and more dangerous but poorly defined.

I’ll give this one a 3.5 out of 5. It was a fun episode, and I liked seeing Rose in action. Nothing official has been announced, but it is sounding more and more likely that this season will be it for Agent Carter’s series. If so, I hope they make the transition from SSR to SHIELD at the end of it.