Flash: Escape From Earth 2


Jay steps up in Barry’s absence

The team on Earth 2 is having problems. Fighting Zoom on his own ground is harder than they thought, and now they need to, “Escape from Earth 2.” Zoom himself is running around his version of Central City, leaving Wanted posters of Dr. Harrison Wells all over. Hewitt, Wells’ research assistant, is worried. Wells orders STAR Labs to be locked down and evacuated. Cisco manages to get back from Barry being captured. When Wells wonders why Cisco is still alive, Cisco comments, “He cares even less about me than you do.”

Just to make the Earth 2 folks’ lives more difficult, the local Barry has woken up and is complaining, in a polite, nerdy kind of way. The contrast between the two of them is striking. His sorta-rant is interrupted when the alarms go off. Zoom has come. Wells reveals he shares something with the first Wells we met, and they manage to hide from Zoom for now.

At Zoom’s hideaway, the “real” Barry has recovered and is trying to find a way to escape his cell. Jessie keeps telling him there’s no way to escape. In another cell, there’s a prisoner who looks a lot like Ferro Lad from the Legion of Super Heroes. He can’t talk, apparently, but is trying to tell Jessie and Barry something. Zoom arrives and apparently doesn’t want the prisoner to communicate whatever it is to them.

Back on Earth 1, the Geo-Mancer is still on a rampage. Now that he’s clashed with Jay, he wants to fight that Flash again. Caitlin and Jay keep working on the formula for the speed boosting drug, eventually working their way up to version Velocity 9, as it’s called in the comics. Jay does manage to get the Speed Cannon stabilized so the “away team” can get home. Also on Earth 1, Iris has a new boss who seems really ready to give up on Flash and start smearing him in the paper for not fighting Geo-Mancer. I wonder if this is going to become their version of J. Jonah Jameson?

On Earth 2, their Iris and Barry meet up and he tries to explain to her what happneed. Eventually, she believes him and goes to meet with Cisco and Wells. Eventually, the E2 Barry does something useful- he has an algorithm that predicts where metas show up. They use that to find Killer Frost to try and persuade her to help them. It’s a rough negotiation, but it eventually works. The team goes to Zoom’s hideout to try and rescue Barry.

At Zoom’s hideout, Barry and Jessie have worked out a way to communicate with the other prisoner, sort of. He gives them a very enigmatic message they don’t get to decipher because of the chaos that comes next. The rescue team shows up, and so does Zoom, and things get chaotic. They manage to free two of the prisoners, and promise to return later for the other.

At “our” STAR, Geo-Mancer shows up, just another person randomly walking in despite their “improved” security. That fight goes oddly and not at all as expected, but gets STAR ready for the Away Team’s return. It does make me wonder about one of the characters who missed the fight.

The Earth 2 group returns, and there’s cause for celebration. Then someone does something amazingly stupid to give us a nasty clifhanger. One of the characters is left to a very uncertain fate. Of course, they also were doing their best to close the breech, which would both be bad for the character in the cliffhanger and the prisoner they didn’t rescue.

What I liked: We got to see Jay in action as a hero, which is a big thrill for a fan of the Justice Society heroes, like me. The Earth 2 trip was fun, but they didn’t drag it out like they could have. I liked seeing Caitlin as Killer Frost. The mysterious other prisoner has me really curious.

What I didn’t: The ending was really contrived. As some of my writing teachers have told me in the past, “If your plot revolves around a character doing something stupid, you need to fix it.” How did Geo-Mancer just happen to turn up at STAR, and seriously, are they EVER going to get a security system that does something? This place is as bad as Luthor Mansion used to be on Smallville.

There were some highs and lows on this one. I’m going to average it out to a low 3 out of 5. The bad points, to me, outweighed the stuff I enjoyed.


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