Agents of SHIELD: Chaos Theory

shield Things are getting ugly for the Agents of SHIELD in “Chaos Theory.” The show opens with a scene from about six months ago, with May and Andrew in Tahiti, a magical place… err, Hawaii. They seem happy, and talk about new beginnings. You just know that’s not going to last, especially given what we learned last week. They do show Andrew’s secret origin, for lack of a better term.

Back in the present, Daisy and Coulson are arguing about the Inhumans that the ATCU have in stasis. Needless to say, Daisy isn’t thrilled with this approach for dealing with her people, and I can’t really blame her. I’m vaguely surprised no one brings up that this is also completely unconstitutional. The Inhumans are being imprisoned with no sort of trial whatsoever. The best analogy I can come up with is the Japanese Internment camps during World War II.

Also floating around in the background are a mysterious meeting about the future of enhanced people, a call to Mac that has him making secret arrangements, and Andrew agreeing to evaluate Joey, the Inhuman with metal powers from the season opening. There’s a lot of tension, a lot of secret agendas, and some unfortunate distrust breeding among the Agents.

Simmons finally gives Fitz her phone with all the recordings from her sojourn on the alien planet. He’s doing a great job of helping her, especially considering how awkward the situation is for him. Fitz is a great guy who really can’t seem to catch a break.

May is brooding on the plane while coming back to the base. She keeps reliving what Werner told her about Andrew. Morse has not been clued in, and thinks they are out of leads. When they get back, May starts doing a lot of frantic research. Meanwhile, Andrew is taking Joey to an evaluation center called “The Cocoon.” Since in the comics people are enveloped in cocoons before they get their Inhuman powers it’s a nice name.

Morse and Hunter have a scene of bickering and their usual poorly expressed feelings for each other. I swear, someone just needs to lock those two in a closet for a while or something. Bobbi tells Hunter he’s being stupid and reckless in his pursuit of Ward, and Hunter actually agrees. I don’t know if this trying to set up another plot line, or relating to the rumored spin-off show featuring those two characters.

Ros’ plane docks with SHIELD’s, and the two groups have a very tense meeting. Coulson tries to get clever, and assigns Daisy to give Ros the tour of the plane. He’s trying to get them to talk with each other and maybe make peace. In another odd meeting, Mac’s rendezvous turns out to be with Lincoln. Lincoln has been doing his own research, and worked out that Lash is inside SHIELD. The net is drawing closer around Andrew.

May arrives at the Cocoon and confronts Andrew, after making sure Joey is safe. They argue for a while, with Andrew playing dumb until she manages to upset him. Andrew ices her and takes her prisoner. This is the sort of thing they don’t cover in couple’s counseling. When she wakes up, chained and pissed off, Andrew tries to explain what he’s been doing. Unfortunately, it’s mostly self-delusion and -justification.

Ros and Coulson have a few interesting scenes of combination flirting and information exchange. She actually looks surprised for once when she finds out how Coulson lost his hand, or at least the rough details of it. This is about when Mac and Lincoln show up and share Lincoln’s theory. Everyone agrees to reroute the plane and they come up with something of a plan.

Andrew doesn’t manage to talk May around to his point of view, which is no great surprise. What does come as a surprise to them is a combined assault by SHIELD, ATCU, and Lincoln. Lash is a really impressively powerful creature, and he shrugs off most of the assaults easily enough. Everyone finally manages to get their collective act together and get Lash trapped, largely due to May making a really hard choice.

About the only one not part of this attack is Fitz. He’s busy working on Simmons’ project, and makes some really good progress. He also notices a few things to get them some leads on maybe getting back to save Will.

The last few scenes bode ill for the future. There are some surprising developments between Phil and Ros. Well, not so much surprising as I was hoping they wouldn’t end up there. While that happens, Ward has a meeting with one of the Hydra old guard. There ends up being a connection between a few of these plot points that did, in fact, surprise me. Things are going to get interesting for SHIELD.

What I liked: Everyone teaming up to fight Lash was long overdue. The revelation behind how Andrew became Lash made sense, and the scenes with him and May were sad, but well done. Fitz continues to impress me with being such a good man. I’m glad Lincoln is joining up with the main team finally, and it was good to see Joey again.

What I didn’t: I don’t really like what happened with Coulson and Ros. It’s understandable, but I didn’t care for it. I could do without Ward lurking in the background so much.

I’ll give this one a 3.5 out of 5. It had some good moments, and looks like it’s building toward something big.


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