Daredevil: The Path ot the Righteous


Daredevil’s journey continues in, “The Path of the Righteous.” Following the incident at the party, Fisk has rushed Vanessa to the hospital, and is stuck doing one of the things he’s horrible at- waiting. There is an amusing scene of a nurse putting Fisk in his place at the ER.

Karen goes by Matt’s place. She still thinks Matt was hit by a car, which is what Foggy told her last episode. She quickly figures out there’s a lot going on that she doesn’t know about, and starts getting ticked off about being kept in the dark. Of course, she’s been off doing things on her own quest which could endanger the others, so I’m not sure she has room to complain. Now, to be fair, she does try and fix this by talking to Matt, who refers her to Foggy, who isn’t picking up his phone, partially because he’s in bed with his ex, Marcie.

At the hospital, Fisk’s entourage comes and goes. Owlsley, predictably, is worried about himself, cold and distant, driven only by business concerns. Wesley is trying to keep Fisk in control, which is likely a good idea considering Fisk’s temper. He suggests reaching out to Gao, since Fisk is going to need help with all this chaos. They clearly care for each other, Fisk and Wesley, which is some depth to both that’s nice to see.

Back at Matt’s place, he’s getting patched up more by Claire. It’s good for a vigilante to have an experienced ER nurse on his side. It’s an odd mix of first aid and flirting, with a bit of philosophy tossed in. A very important part of their conversation is about Fisk’s suit and the special armor lining. Clearly, he needs something along those lines from the beatings he’s been taking this season.

Urich and Karen have a meeting down at the docks, near the river. This seems to be a favorite place for Urich to meet people, he’s done it a few times on the show. He is very understandably upset at her for ambushing him with meeting Fisk’s mother. They debate about what to do with the information, and it sounds to me like he’s more or less given up. Urich also brings up the incident at Fisk’s party, and wonders if someone is trying to kill him.

There are several more scenes at the hospital. Fisk is very much in love with Vanessa, and his concern for her is making him lose control and focus. Wesley is doing what he can to manage the situation, but there’s only so much empire you can manage when the absolute ruler is distracted. Wesley ends up handling a very important phone call that changes a lot of things.

Matt goes back to the church to visit with Father Lantom. They have a discussion about morals, God, and the devil. Lantom actually has the best lines in the exchange. Matt sounds self-pitying, or next to, and Lantom is a lot more big picture. Afterwards, Matt tries to meditate, but is too restless. He ends up out on the street in costume, chasing down more leads about Fisk. This ends up in a really big fight that Matt isn’t really up for, but he might get something important out of it. The man he fights is Melvin Potter, a name Daredevil comic fans will recognize.

Karen finally manages to catch up with Foggy at Josie’s, the dive bar he likes so much. He’s very drunk and not very forthcoming about what’s going on with him and Matt. Even as mad as Foggy is, he’s keeping Matt’s secrets, at least for now. She tries to find out what’s going on, and then gives up after calling Matt and telling him that he and Foggy need to get their shit together. Karen then checks in with Urich, who isn’t really sympathetic. He actually sounds a bit like a fortune cookie at times, which is something Wesley accused Gao of at one point. Karen’s night gets even better when she tries to get home and gets taken instead.

After a really nicely done scene of Fisk at Vanessa’s bed side, reflecting about prayer, the episode ends with a really surprising scene. It’s a major cliffhanger, so I won’t reveal it here, but it has a confrontation between two characters that goes back and forth in a series of exchanges. The real shock is near the end, when one of them ends the conversation with a surprising revelation and some very decisive action. I did not see it coming at all, and it’s going to change a lot for the remaining episodes of the season.

What I liked: Interpersonal drama can get boring, but they do it very, very well here. Fisk and Wesley both have been very nicely developed, not at all stereotypical villains. Foggy’s reactions are very believable, and I loved Karen’s “Get your shit together” comment. That final scene was amazing.

What I didn’t: Not much, really. This was a nicely done episode. I don’t like Owlsley, but he’s a very believable slimy guy.

As things build to a head, I’m giving this one a 4 out of 5. This entire series has impressed me greatly.


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