Ms. Marvel #19 review


This was a rare kind of issue, especially these days. With the Battleworld event coming, it really is the end of the world, and Kamala knows it. Most comics would have some kind of non-stop action-fest with maybe some self-pity thrown in. Instead, as her world ends, Kamala spends time with her friends and family, never even putting on her costume. It was a character-driven story that was very well written. Kamala’s heart is so clearly both in the right place and absolutely huge.

She has amazing scenes with her mother, her best friend, who she thought was her high school enemy (not super-villain, just sort of rival), and a very close friend not-quite love interest. Throughout, she’s an amazingly (but believably) mature teenager who just happens to have powers. And she doesn’t use them once this issue. I hope that the book comes back after the Secret Wars and that, when it does, it’s pretty much unchanged. This book is fantastic, Marvel. It’s not broken. Don’t “fix” it. 

Plot: This was a fantastically well-written issue. I’m going to do something I pretty much never do. Five out of five for plot. There’s nothing I’d change, nothing I wish they’d done differently.

Art: The art for this book has always been a bit stylized, but it works. It can verge on cartoony, but Kamala’s a teenager with shapeshifting powers. Cartoony is fine for it. I’ll give the art a 3.5 out of 5.

Positives: Fantastic writing, great characterization, no “obligatory” action that detracted from the story. I like how they handled this story, and how they left Kamala and her cast of characters.

Negatives: It’s the last issue and who knows what’s going to come by way of replacement. Cover art for a new title shows that Kamala survives, but we have no idea about what’s going to happen with her own book.

Ms. Marvel #19

Writer: G. Willow Wilson
Artist: Adrian Alphona
Colorist: Ian Herring
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Cover: Kris Anka


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