Ms. Marvel: Destined

We’ve had a few hints that Kamala’s powers might have something to do with her family’s history, and that idea gets fleshed out in this episode. There are a lot of balls in the air as we see what Kamala is “Destined” for.

Ms. Marvel: All Four of Them

Now, after the success of the virtually unknown Moon Knight, Marvel’s next Disney+ series is due to start soon, bringing Ms. Marvel to the screen. With the recent interest in the character, some people know that Kamala Khan isn’t the first heroine to use the codename. But what a lot of people don’t know is that she’s not the second, or even the third. Before the series debuts, it’s time for a crash course in Ms. Marvels.

A Brief History of the Captains Marvel

With the movie coming up soon, it’s a good time to ask “Who Is Captain Marvel?” As with most comic book characters who have been around a while, the answer is both, “It’s complicated,” and “Which one do you mean?”


The Unstoppable Wasp #1 review

Marvel has been developing a lot of new characters lately, many of them females carrying their own books. I’m glad to see it, and even more glad to be enjoying it. The new Wasp showed up a while ago in one of the Avengers books, and wandered around as a background character briefly. Now, she gets her own title in “The Unstoppable Wasp.”


Champions #3 review

The new Champions (absolutely no relation to the 1970’s team) is continuing to come together. They have their membership established, as far as we know, but they are still working things out like who’s in charge, which comes up over and over this issue. Personally, I’d probably vote for Ms. Marvel, but who knows what’ll happen.


Ms. Marvel #3

Ms. Marvel’s first story arc in the rebooted Marvel Universe ends this issue. Her image has been used for a shady housing development without her consent. That’s bad enough for the young hero, but there’s a lot more going on then meets the eye. Bad enough that the creepy takeover of the area is being backed by Hydra, but their resident mind-control expert is bad news. The people under his control have had purple glowing effects. Purple plus mind control in the wake of the Jessica Jones series will probably have people thinking Kilgrave the Purple Man, but that’s a nice fake. As was revealed last issue, the baddie in question is Dr. Faustus. Despite a goofy name, Faustus is a very dangerous foe and expert in the field of mind control.


Ms. Marvel 2

After the chaos of the Secret Wars, not much has changed for Kamala Khan, the current Ms. Marvel. She’s still in school, still fighting the good fight, and trying to balance being a superhero with the other parts of her life. Her mother is aware of her secret and is something of an ally now, which was a really nicely done reveal a little while ago.


Ms. Marvel #19 review

This was a rare kind of issue, especially these days. With the Battleworld event coming, it really is the end of the world, and Kamala knows it. Most comics would have some kind of non-stop action-fest with maybe some self-pity thrown in. Instead, as her world ends, Kamala spends time with her friends and family, never even putting on her costume. It was a character-driven story that was very well written. Kamala’s heart is so clearly both in the right place and absolutely huge.