SHIELD: “A Wanted (Inhu)Man” review


One of the things I give Agents of SHIELD credit for is amusing episode titles. A lot of this week’s show is about Lincoln being on the run, so they call it, “A Wanted (Inhu)Man.” They throw in a lot of twists and turns and some interesting character choices and subplots.

The opening shows Lincoln on the run from the ATCU. While they don’t hesitate to point guns at him, he goes to great lengths to not directly threaten any of them, let alone fire off one of his blasts. I’m reminded of a line from Winter Soldier: “If they’re shooting at you, they’re bad.” 

Another detail I really like is that Simmons wasn’t just rescued and then everything was fine. She’s having trouble getting used to being back. Not only is she having trouble adjusting mentally, but her team is talking about how her body is used to being on another planet. Simmons meanwhile is flinching from lights and noise, but interestingly, not people. Coulson has sent for the good Doctor Garner to do an evaluation of her.

Daisy gets a lot of unpleasant surprises this episode. One of them is that Mac slipped a tracer on Lincoln when they met at the hospital recently. Lincoln isn’t too happy when he figures it out either. But there’s a problem in relying on technological gadgets when you’re chasing a guy with electrical powers.

In one of the other plots going on, Hunter and May begin trying to infiltrate Hydra to get to Ward. There’s a lot of socializing and drinking, which Hunter is fine with while May is, by turns, uncomfortable and bored. He gets them to the point where they get a chance to work in further, but it comes with another test.

The ATCU ups the stakes in the hunt for Lincoln, and put his picture on the news as a wanted fugitive. Lincoln has to jump through several hoops to get to a friend of his, a man named John. John is called Lincoln’s sponsor, which seems to mean Lincoln is in some kind of recovery, most likely from either drugs or alcohol.

While both the ATCU (really doesn’t roll off the tongue, that abbreviation) and SHIELD both close in on Lincoln, Coulson and Roslyn meet. They seem to have a somewhat cordial adversarial relationship. She makes a lot of jokes about his missing hand (I wonder if Stark designed it?) and then is a bit abashed when she learns the injury happened recently.

Lincoln’s run gets uglier when his sponsor makes an unexpected choice. Nothing goes well, in fact. The sponsor has a bad night, Lincoln finally agrees to go with SHIELD, and then even that goes badly in a very unexpected twist. I suspect the ramifications from this are going to create a lot of tensions within SHIELD this season. I hope we don’t end up with another “two SHIELD” situation. That got old fast last season.

Hunter makes some progress in his mission, but it comes at a cost. His challenge wasn’t as smooth as he thought it would be, and I suspect it will bother him for some time. May got to work out a few frustrations at least.

Speaking of frustrations, Bobbi is still in rehab for her various injuries. She’s itching to get back into the field, and it’s not happening as quickly as she wants it to. She does give Fitz some good advice. He ATCUally takes it, and we see some good progress with Simmons finally. The end scene is more of Bobbi working out and then some very surprising developments with Simmons.

What I liked: Coulson makes some very surprising decisions. I can’t say I like them, but it does lead to some complicated plots and stories coming up. I like Daisy’s passion for her new duties. Ros Price is at least not a two dimensional villain. Simmons’ surprising revelation at the end is an interesting spin. I like that they are not just giving Bobbi an instant recovery.

What I didn’t: I get Coulson’s decision but it seems a bit out of character. I’m not sure how he expects to keep his team together if he keeps doing things like that. I also wonder what happened to the big monster last episode. Everyone knows about him now, and he fell off everyone’s radar completely?

I’ll give this episode a 4 out of 5. It set up for some interesting stories to come. So far, I’m liking this better than last season.


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