Thor 5


The new status quo is slowly being established in Thor.  The God of Thunder has made his peace with the new wielder of his hammer, even though he’s still trying to figure out who she is.  Unfortunately, Odin is trying to work it out, too, and he’s nowhere near as forgiving.  In fact, he’s pretty damn pissed off about her having Mjolnir. 

Thor herself is just trying to keep doing the right thing.  She fights (sort of) Absorbing Man and Titania, with a really different twist on the encounter.  It made me smile, how it was handled.  Also, Mjolnir is acting differently, doing thing it never did for Thor Odinson.

Near the end of the issue, Freya goes to talk to Thor III (see, this is why I don’t like the name thing, it’s getting confusing, especially with the old one being part of the book).  Odinson goes on a drinking binge, running into Sif, Hogun, and Fandral. Elsewhere, Odin, who has been far from rational of late, is conspiring with his brother, the god of fear.  The two of them are about to make the new Thor’s life very difficult.

Plot: There’s not a lot of high-stakes action here, but the characters get to adapt to the new reality of Thor.  It’s nicely done.  I’ll give the plot a 4 out of 5.

Art: The guest artist does just fine.  His take on Titania is a bit different, but it works, and the scene with Freya and Thor looks great.  I’ll give the art a 3.5 out of 5.

Positives: At least some people are willing to talk rationally about, and with, the new Thor.  It makes sense that, even if he’s accepting her having Mjolnir, Odinson is still trying to work out who the new Thor is.  And I like the new life Mjolnir is showing.

Negatives: Odin is acting like a combination spoiled brat and evil supervillain.  The fact that no one seems to think what he’s doing is a good idea except for an evil god should be a clue.

I’m enjoying the new book, Jason Aaron is rapidly becoming one of my favorite comic writers, and I’m really curious as to who the new Thor is.  I’m both enjoying the mystery and really wanting to get the answer already.  We have a few clues, but not enough… yet.

Thor 5

Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Jorge Molina
Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino
Cover: Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson


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