Agent Carter: To Sin Is Err

dottie“A Sin To Err,” is the title of the latest Agent Carter episode, as the series builds towards its finale.  The Stark plot seems to have been mostly dropped by the writers, and even the cast, barring obsessive agent Jack Thompson.  Now, the focus is on Leviathan, the mysterious organization that is lurking behind the scenes in Russia. 

Dr. Ivchenko, the psychiatrist that Carter brought back from her field trip with the Howling Commandos, gets interviewed by Chief Dooley, Thompson, and Carter, and seems to be helpful and forthcoming.  After several interruptions from Carter, Dooley brings her out of his office, but, to her surprise, authorizes her to follow her own investigation about another operative she thinks is on the loose.

This is when several plots start running at the same time, all headed on a collision course.  Peggy is guardedly working with Jarvis again, as they search for the Leviathan agent.  Both of them astutely realize the best way to get to Stark’s secrets is more than likely to use an attractive woman, so they go through Stark’s exes.  Sousa, armed with his surprise discovery from last episode, does some research and realizes that the mysterious blond he’s been looking for is Peggy herself.  And Dr. Ivchenko is not what he seems, and is digging into the SSR’s secrets while seeming to work with Dooley.

There’s some nicely built tension, as the searches go on.  Dottie, Peggy’s neighbor and Leviathan assassin, is also lurking around the edges, causing chaos and racking up her own body count, just to get some information.  By the end of the episode, a lot of things are revealed or changed.

No one gets exactly what they want.  Carter had just started to get some actual respect from her fellow agents, so the fact that she’s been working off her own agenda doesn’t make any of them happy.  Dottie has been sent to kill Carter, and doesn’t quite manage it, although she comes really close.  And Carter ends the episode in handcuffs, which is going to really interfere with her own operations.

Possibly because this is a mini-series, they have the freedom to make some sweeping changes many shows wouldn’t.  Carter’s secrets being revealed to everyone is certainly going to shake things up, no matter how things get resolved in the final few episodes.  Jarvis is still on the loose, so maybe he’ll be able to help her, somehow.  I don’t see the Howling Commandos coming back to the States over this, and Stark’s influence is limited at the moment.  Angie has most definitely shown she’s on Carter’s side, but I’m not sure how much a waitress/actress can do against America’s elite intelligence group, even though the SSR hasn’t really been impressing me so far.

I have some thoughts about where the series might end, but that depends on several things I don’t know so far.  Is there going to be another series in this time frame?  Are there other projects planned in this era?  For now, I’m going to keep my theories to myself, but I’ll come clean if I get it wrong when the show ends.

What I liked: They moved several plots along, and did so in ways that made sense.  I’m still not wild about Jarvis, but he makes a decent ally (and comic relief) for Peggy.  Peggy gets some great ass-kicking scenes.  Sousa is doggedly doing what he thinks is right, and doing it well.  It was really nice to see Carter actually getting some credit from her fellow agents.

What I didn’t: The SSR is being a bit dense in things they don’t notice or watch for.  The whole set up at the Griffin is just cheap sitcom dressing, and Miss Fry is the worst of it.

I’ll give this one a 3 out of 5.  With only two episodes left, I’m looking forward to seeing how they wrap it up.


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