The Most Anticipated Comic Book Movies of 2021

Due to the worldwide Covid-19 outbreak, this year’s comic book movie release schedule has been delayed.  Many comic book movies scheduled for theatrical release in 2020 have been pushed back to later in the year or to 2021.  Because the coronavirus outbreak is a fluid situation, it’s difficult to know what will and will not change. Here’s what we know so far about superhero movies coming out in 2021:

Thor: Ragnarok movie review

The Marvel Cinematic Universe delivers its next installment with Thor: Ragnarok. In addition to being a great new adventure, it covers where Thor and Hulk were during Captain America: Civil War. We get a new kick-ass heroine to root for, and a few lingering plot lines dealt with.


Thor #12 review

Since Jane Foster took up Mjolnir, it’s been acting a lot differently than for anyone else who has wielded it. Last issue, it even helped keep her secret identity, much to the confusion of a few rabid SHIELD agents. This issue goes back and tells the origin of Thor’s hammer. In the past, there’s just been a passing reference to the dwarves of Nidavellir forging the hammer from mystic uru and that’s been about it.


Thor #5

Tension has been building for a while now, and things finally go over the edge in this issue of Thor. Thor has had enough of Odin, and the two of them fight. And “fight” isn’t anywhere near a strong enough term. I think they did some damage out Jupiter way, but Aaron did something amazingly…


Thor 3

The new Thor has been around a while, and has crossed paths with various parts of the Asgardian mythos. In the age of the Marvel movies, you can’t go too long without a certain God of Mischief popping up. This issue has Thor clashing with Loki in several iterations. It’s really interesting seeing all the different versions pop up, although it doesn’t go as smoothly as Loki himself was probably expecting.