Legends of Tomorrow: Mr. Parker’s cul-de-sac

The Legends of Tomorrow have gone through a lot in their five seasons. Crew have come and gone, menaces have threatened and fallen, and the entire focus of the show has shifted several times. It’s a different show than it started off as, and it’s become one of my favorites.

Arrow: Fadeout

After eight seasons, launching a universe of shows and a new era of superhero tv, and some truly amazing crossovers, the flagship show of the CW-verse/Arrowverse, has come to the end of the road. Oliver Queen sacrificed his life during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, and now it’s time to wrap up the loose ends.

Arrow: Purgatory

The final season is nearing its end, Oliver’s prophecied death is at hand, and the Crisis is just about to start. The show has had some ragged seasons, but this one has been great, and I’m really going to miss this show when it goes away.

Arrow: Present Tense

Last episode ended with a major surprise as the future team suddenly appeared in the current era bunker, along with Oliver, transported from Nanda Parbat. Now, two generations of heroes and families are trying to figure out what’s going on and how, or if, they can work together.

Arrow: You Have Saved This City

     Arrow is the flagship of the DC/CW Universe, and arguably helped usher in the modern age of hero tv. The finale of season seven has a very busy time, trying to wrap up major plots in the present and future, set up for the big crossover down the road, and almost end the series, since it comes back for a very short run this fall.

Arrow: Living Proof

     Last episode, the team decided to cover up two murders and commit obstruction of justice, but they’re the good guys. Or the less bad ones at this point, I guess.

Arrow: Confessions

Arrow has had a very uneven season. Diaz was still lurking around for far too long, there was the new Suicide Squad Ghost Protocol Initiative, and various conflicts with Dinah and Laurel, and the “Who Is The New Green Arrow?” plot.

Arrow: Spartan

The struggle with the Ninth Circle continues, as Team Arrow clashes with evil half-sister Emiko and Dante, we learn some of Diggle’s past that confirms a fan theory that’s been around for years, or seems to, and things get more complicated with Felicity’s Archer project in two different eras.

Arrow: Inheritance

   There’s a lot going on as Team Arrow deals with issues of “Inheritence.” A recurring theme on the show seems to be unexpected betrayals. I’m mildly surprised the entire team isn’t utterly, ravingly paranoid by this point.

Arrow: Training Day

  Team Arrow struggles to adjust to their new status quo in “Training Day.” While the team has some growing pains getting used to their new role, not to mention pressure from an old enemy, the future group is getting used to each other, and Laurel gets a new subplot. There’s a lot of interesting things going on this episode.