Arrow: Training Day

  Team Arrow struggles to adjust to their new status quo in “Training Day.” While the team has some growing pains getting used to their new role, not to mention pressure from an old enemy, the future group is getting used to each other, and Laurel gets a new subplot. There’s a lot of interesting things going on this episode.

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Arrow: Brothers and Sisters

This episode title of Arrow, “Brothers and Sisters,” is fairly ironic, considering I believe every sibling relationship on the series has eventually been revealed to be some kind of step or half kind.

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Arrow: The Recruits

Arrow’s new voiceover at the top of the show mentions that he’s working as both hero and mayor. I like that they adapt the voiceover/introductions for the CW hero shows as they go. It’s a nice touch, and a nod that the shows change as time passes. Arrow is now trying to deal with “Recruits.”

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