Flash: The Exorcism of Nash Wells

The problems with the Mirror Universe and Eva McCulloch seem to be the big issues for the second half of Flash’s current season. Even after Crisis reshaped the multiverse (do the heroes know there are other worlds now?), alternate worlds keep plaguing the Flash and his friends.

Flash: Legacy

The CW/DC Universe finales keep coming with stories that touch on the future and present both. Flash is very concerned with “Legacy,” which would have worked for the title of Arrow as well, but they used it in season five.

Flash: Snow Pack

    Things are speeding along towards the end of the season on the Flash. Barry made a rash decision last episode, and that causes a lot of complications for this one.

Flash: Godspeed

Last episode, the team learned Nora’s big secret. This episode deals with the fallout, and gives us some insight about how things happened. Essentially, it’s the secret origin of Nora West.

Flash: Time Bomb

   “Time Bomb” starts off with Nora getting some advice. Much of the episode does one of those somewhat clunky parables where the problem of the week parallels a problem one of the characters is having.

Legends of Tomorrow: Moonshot

The Legends of Tomorrow are going after the last piece of the Spear of Destiny. Hank Heywood, AKA Commander Steel is guarding it, and found a great way to hide it. A big clue as to where is the title of the episode, “Moonshot.” It’s time for LEGENDS……IN……SPACE. Mick does the voiceover again, although they…


Legends of Tomorrow: Compromised

The Legends of Tomorrow continue their round-robin turns on the introductory voice-over. This week, it’s Jax’s turn as the team deals with “Compromises.” The opening scene starts off as Damian Darhk in what seems like it should be an old Miami Vice episode. However, as the DEA rolls up and tries to make a bust, Darhk gets help from a villain we’ve seen with him before: Reverse-Flash, although so far he’s mostly avoiding his costume. The two of them are feeling each other out about a partnership that bodes ill for every hero in the CW-verse.