Harley Quinn: Bensonhurst

At the end of last episode, Harley was very much going through one of those, “You don’t know what you got ‘til it’s gone,” moments. She got into the Legion of Doom, but lost her crew and her best friend, and was, of course, betrayed yet again by the Joker.

Harley Quinn: A Seat at the Table

   There’s a line from an Eagle’s song that goes “What do you do when your dream comes true and it’s not quite like you planned?” That’s pretty much where Harley finds herself now that she’s in the Legion of Doom.

Harley Quinn: The Line

   Several plots come together for this episode of Harley Quinn. We get the return of a character I thought had been introduced as a joke, Harley’s ongoing obsession with impressing the Legion of Doom, a very obscure Justice League character, and more developments with Ivy’s love life.

Harley Quinn: Finding Mr. Right

Harley has a goal and a crew, but she has a ways to go in order to get where she wants to be. This episode brings in a few other DC names, some famous people voicing them, and a few odd analogies that I’ve actually heard before.