Harley Quinn: Riddle U


Yup, just a normal night in the dorm, really. 

There’s a new status quo, such as it is, in Gotham, and Harley is absolutely not accepting it. Echoing the major No Man’s Land story from the Batman comics, Gotham has been given up on by the government and divided up by many of Batman’s major foes. With the Batman missing and the Justice League exiled to another dimension, it would be great to see a champion arise for what’s left of Gotham. That doesn’t quite happen here, but someone maybe starts on that journey. And it sure ain’t Harley.

Harley is, in fact, busy plotting out who to go after next, since she’s killed the Penguin and Joker may or may not be dead already. With the infrastructure of the city crumbling, everyone is having power and water problems… almost. Riddler’s section of the city, Riddle U, seems to be a paradise amid the chaos. After some debate, and yet another over-done backstory from Clayface, Ivy and Harley are off to infiltrate Riddler’s domain, and Killer Shark and Dr. Psycho go in quest of a water filter to handle the really substandard sludge coming out of their faucets at the mall. Ivy calls in a favor and gets them airdropped to enemy territory after some flirting and bad jokes. While Harley proves she’s very bad at undercover work and we meet a familiar-looking tour guide, we see that someone else has been busy and laid a lot of groundwork for their task.

While the main duo makes wardrobe jokes, Psycho and the Shark start their mission and run afoul of one of the ruling gangs. Not that I expect tight continuity on the show, but the various bosses that were claiming Harley’s mall for their own seem to have given up on it, although we don’t know why as it’s never mentioned. Harley blows her cover quickly, as her makeup gets sluiced away in a fight in a fountain. The tour guide sees and flees, leading our titular clown on a parkour chase across campus. Harley and Ivy track her to her dorm room, and, to no surprise at all, the tour guide proves to be Barbara Gordon, clearly not yet Batgirl. More surprising is her roommate, as the show never misses a chance to mock Commissioner Gordon. Barbara, Ivy, and Harley form a reluctant and uneasy truce.

While Killer Shark and Dr. Psycho go all Road Warrior, Harley and Ivy have difficulty getting one of their allies to stay on task. Barbara makes an appeal to her father, but he’s too busy being a joke to help in any way whatsoever. With their usual combination of wits and violence, Ivy and Harley get into the special back room they’ve been trying for and make a series of surprising discoveries. They’re so busy being impressed with themselves and making fun of Riddler that they get themselves captured and dragged into his scheme after more wardrobe jokes. It seems to be a running gag this episode.

The Doc and the Shark go from bad to worse as they move around what’s left of Gotham. Harley and Ivy try and figure a way out of their predicament, and compliment their erratic ally on their presentation. They get help from an unexpected quarter, setting off another big fight. After a lot of chaos, Riddler’s side loses. Harley and Ivy take full advantage of the newcomer’s naïveté and leave with what they wanted. For the wrap-ups, Harley and Ivy sort of solve one of their problems, at least temporarily. They wonder about someone they met, and Dr. Psycho and Killer Shark take their turn being the butt of the joke. One of the last things we see is the beginning of an origin story.


What I liked: Clayface stole the show this time, and Alan Tudyk did his usual amazing job with the role(s). I liked that Harley and Ivy made a few mistakes based on ego, it was very fitting. They did a good job with the majorly overhauled origin of Batgirl. I liked a few of the cameos.  I’m entertained that Barbara Gordon was played by Briana Cuoco, younger sister of Kaley Cuoco (Harley).


What I didn’t: I’ll keep saying it as long as they keep doing it: I don’t like how they’re handling Jim Gordon. The Psycho/Shark side story seemed like filler. Harley was scattered even for her. They showed us Bruce Wayne last episode, and he doesn’t even get a mention this time around?


An entertaining episode overall. I’ll give it a 3 out of 5.