Gotham: To Our Deaths and Beyond

“To Our Deaths and Beyond” sounds like it’s a strange twist on Buzz Lightyear’s catchphrase from Toy Story, but it’s the title of the next episode of Gotham. There’s enough weirdness going on that there are going to be spoilers along the way, so be warned.

Gotham: That’s Entertainment

I’ve talked before about wondering why anyone would still live in Gotham at this point. Well, even worse than living there at this point is being mayor. They tend to die, get kidnapped, disappear, or be revealed as crime bosses.

Gotham: One of My Three Soups

Gotham is definitely veering towards stranger and stranger titles as the “A Dark Knight” season continues. This week’s is “One of My Three Soups,” which at least makes some sense before the end of the episode.

Gotham: The Sinking Ship The Grand Applause

Changes keep coming on Gotham in “A Dark Knight: The Sinking Ship the Grand Applause.” I don’t always get what they’re doing with the titles on this show, and this one makes no sense at all to me. I didn’t see any sign of a ship, literal or figurative, but it was a decent episode regardless of what they called it.

Gotham: Things That Go Boom

The “A Dark Knight” section of Gotham’s current season is, if they follow the usual pattern, almost done. “Things That Go Boom” puts a lot of pieces in motion, and starts nudging things towards the mid-season finale. It starts off, as so many problems in Gotham City do, at Arkham Asylum.