Batman Soul of the Dragon (Quick Thoughts on TikTok)

Batman Soul Of The Dragon is so many things. It’s a spy movie, a martial arts movie, a ’70s movie… Or maybe it’s just all those things tossed in the wonder, added something else entirely. What we really could have used was another 5 minutes of run time. Anyway, if you have HBO Max, Batman…


The Most Anticipated Comic Book Movies of 2021

Due to the worldwide Covid-19 outbreak, this year’s comic book movie release schedule has been delayed.  Many comic book movies scheduled for theatrical release in 2020 have been pushed back to later in the year or to 2021.  Because the coronavirus outbreak is a fluid situation, it’s difficult to know what will and will not change. Here’s what we know so far about superhero movies coming out in 2021:

Wonder Woman

The DC “Expanded Universe” movies have not been doing overly well on a lot of fronts. Man of Steel had people either loving or hating it, but both sides seem to agree that it’s the most divisive comic book movie ever made. Batman Vs Superman didn’t make the box office DC hoped for, and had a lot of bad reviews from critics and fans both (I was one of them). Next up was Suicide Squad, which I liked but could see problems in, and also did disappointingly with critics and fans both. So, I was a bit worried about going to see Wonder Woman.


Suicide Squad movie review

There are a lot of bad reviews out of Suicide Squad. In my humble opinion, they are wrong. I just saw it, and thought it was a lot of fun. It wasn’t as good as some top tier Marvel efforts (Winter Soldier, Civil War, Avengers) but it was a LOT better than some of DC’s recent efforts (Man of Steel, Green Lantern, Hex). I thought it was a fun action flick with a few Easter Eggs and respected the original source material.


X-Men Apocalypse review

X-Men: Apocalypse could in some ways be called X-Men: Remix. A lot of characters we’ve seen before get reintroduced since the timeline was reset in Days of Future Past. Conveniently, this let them recast younger actors for almost every role. There’s also a very odd mix of keeping some character’s backgrounds, or at least pieces of them, but wholly disregarding others.


Yet Another Fantastic Four Movie Review

So a new movie came out this weekend. It’s called Fant4stic. Or Fant-Four-Stic. Or it might be a movie in Klingon called Fan T’Four Stic, which probably translates to “career suicide by way of a jagged dagger” or something just as violent sounding. Oh, wait, that guy on the far right looks like Marvel’s ever-lovin’ Thing! This is the Fantastic Four! That’s what this is!

Ant-Man movie review

If you’re a comic book fan, which I am, one of the questions you may have had with the cinematic success of the various Avengers films is, “Where’s Hank Pym?” In the comics, he was a founding member of the team. Not only has he been ignored up to now, some of his story has been given to other characters. For example, in the comics, Pym created the robotic menace Ultron. Now, as I said in my review of Avengers: Age of Ultron, that change actually made a lot of sense, but still, no love for a founding Avenger? Two, actually, as the Wasp was not only another founder, but she named the team.


No Black Widow? No Problem?

Avengers: Age of Ultron merchandise seems to be lacking full inclusion of one of their only female members, and that has caused an outcry across the internet, with some calling such actions a disturbing message to our youth… but is it really that big of a deal?


Crisis on Infinite Screens

In the coming weeks, I will be leading discussion articles following Arrow and The Flash that will pass thoughts and ideas about them from one long-standing DC fan to all of you in hopes of bringing us all a place to cogently discuss what we may expect, want, and even fear from these shows with each passing episode. But before we get to that as they return next week, let us instead begin our discussions here with a topic that I’m sure many have talked about at length, but with an edge that will perhaps bring some new thoughts to the discussion.