Legends of Tomorrow: Bored on Board Onboard

Can I sign up for this celebrity gaming night?

In a uniquely Legends moment, the team managed to save the world by bowling last episode. Now, they’re far from home and facing some new complications. Both the major issues they face this episode come from the same source, which is something I’m sure will come up sooner or later. For this episode, they find assorted different problems stemming from them being “Bored On Board Onboard.” We don’t really see any major plot advancement here aside from a few small side scenes, but there’s some weird fun and some “This could only happen to you guys” moments.

The team troops out of last episode’s bowling alley in space (you had to be there) and gets back to the ship. As Astra and Spooner discuss footwear, John drops some hints and the Zaris switch places. The return home isn’t going to go smoothly as someone’s actions last episode knocked the jump drive offline, and the way home through real space is going to take three weeks. Why they can’t use a jump ship or one of the many time courier devices is never even touched on, but they settle in for a long trip. Gary comes up with a way to pass the time, but no one is interested. But, when it turns out they need to enact Draconian power saving measures to cut the trip as short as possible, everyone starts going stir crazy. Ava and Sara debate wedding guests, with an inside joke that goes back to one of the big crossovers a few years ago.

Finally, tensions flare and some of the crew fall to arguing, and Sara decides enough is enough. Not having a lot of options, they agree to Gary’s idea, which seems to be a cross between Clue and Mafia or Werewolf. After more squabbling, someone does something rash, and most of the team finds themselves someplace else. This group can’t even manage to play a board game without things getting weirdly metaphysical. There are some amusing scenes going back and forth from the majority of the team to Gary to some clever visual devices. I suspect at least one of the people behind this episode is actually a gamer of some sort. Even within the confines of the game, there’s bickering.

On the Waverider, Gary’s talking to himself gets interrupted by the blare of alarms. The racket rouses Mick from where he’s been holed up, and the two of them find an approaching ship. Mick thinks he knows who’s on board, but Gideon won’t let him fire on the vessel because of earlier orders from Sara. The ship docks and a face from their past emerges, wounded and hurling accusations that are, in fact, pretty much fair. Events take on a momentum of their own where the others are, and things start off being kind of amusing. Naturally, nothing stays that way, and things turn deadly serious in no time, with some surprising developments.

The new arrival argues with Gary and Mick even as they try and help them, which seems fitting enough. There’s more distrust and disagreement as they trade barbs about the recent past. Mick is on the verge of revealing something important, but in an unusual twist, Gary stops him and offers a few important warnings. As they have their discussion, the visitor does something subtle, hidden from the Legends. The rest of the team deals with setbacks, accusations, and bickering. Constantine tries to take steps to bring them back where they are supposed to be, but it doesn’t work. Spooner works out that there could be some dire consequences to what was supposed to be a fun diversion.

Astra is the next up with an idea about what to do. It’s a good plan, but it doesn’t work out as she hoped. Spooner tries to find a way around the rules of the situation they’re in, but that doesn’t work either. Following the checklist of bad ideas in most horror movies, they end up splitting up, with smaller groups going in different directions. Behrad is the only one to bring up what a bad plan this is, but no one pays him any attention. Zari tries to care for an ailing Constantine, and ends up off alone. Astra and Spooner discover some odd things about where they are all trapped, but then things catch up with the two of them. Behrad, Zari, and John are the only ones that are left, and Zari is stuck trying to play peacemaker between two of the most important men in her life.

Also off on his own, Gary makes some disturbing discoveries about the new arrival. Apparently feeling courageous for one of the few times in his life, he investigates on his own, and you can imagine how well that goes. Mick has a run-in of his own that goes badly. He ends up blurting something out which doesn’t help as much as he was hoping, and ends up in a bad position as the visitor works on a plan that no one is going to like. In their strange other place, Zari and Behrad talk about a lot of things, including their parents, love, bad trips, and issues from high school. Behrad plays good brother to his sister, offering some advice she knows she should take. Up in the attic on his own (that’s really not working out well for anyone this episode), Constantine has an argument with their foe, and is confronted by some things he’d rather not face. Finally, with some teamwork and a good sneak attack, the bad guy is beaten and the team ends up back on the ship. Ava, amusingly, almost starts it all over again, but gets outvoted by everyone else.

As things try to return to Legends-normal, Constantine is having some serious problems, Behrad decides to take a trip, and we find out two of the crew are missing. Not surprising, given what we saw earlier. Spooner captures an unwelcome pest, Constantine tries to do something good and fails, Zari gets a nasty surprise, and Sara makes a shocking discovery to end the episode. This isn’t going to go well at all.

What I liked: The game idea was fun and had some clever visuals. I’m glad Zari and Behrad had their talk. Some of the early scenes were fun and entertaining. It was interesting seeing Mick deal with this piece of his past. Spooner and Astra make a fun pair, and I’d like to see more of them working together.

What I didn’t: Too much of the cast got too little screen time, this episode being Nate and Spooner’s turns to get shunted aside. A lot of the set up for this didn’t make sense to me. What happened to the jump ships and the couriers? I’d have liked it a bit better if the game set up hadn’t come from the stereotypical geek.

It was an interesting concept for an episode and parts of it were done very well. I’ll give this a 3.5 out of 5. What comes next should be interesting.