Legends of Tomorrow: Meat: The Legends

Undercover time traveling superheroes… for minimum wage

The Legends of Tomorrow are settling in to their new status quo for the season, hunting aliens that have been scattered in time while searching for their missing leader, Sara Lance. There are some issues to be worked out with the newest recruit, Spooner, and the usual problem of balancing characters with actual powers with talented (and less talented) normals. All this and a nod to fast food legends in both the real world and the DC Universe, as well as a callback to an older episode title, in “Meat: The Legends.”

Aboard the Waverider, Nate does his best to sum up their current circumstances, and one of the aliens in question bounces off the cockpit canopy, which leads a fairly obvious joke about windshield wipers (why a space/time ship has those, I’m not sure) and Mick’s general unflappability. Before Eva can get too frantic, Gideon pipes up with a new lead, bringing us to today’s stop: 1955 San Bernadino, California. Apparently, a local business called Big Bang Burger (no tie to the long-running sitcom) becomes one of the focal points of a massive slaughter. After some passing references to Eva’s serial killer blog and an argument with Spooner about her continuing to help them, the Waverider is off to see what’s going on in the small town. Relatively in disguise (even John plays along for once), the team splits up to look for signs of time-lost aliens.

 Elsewhere (and probably elsewhen), Gary and Sara crash land in their stolen ship. The ship’s AI gets called Alien Gideon, which was funny, and they try and figure out where they are. Gary shares some bad news about their probable location, and then they see a very unlikely sign about the planet’s atmosphere. In California, the team visits the restaurant, we learn about Zari’s never-before mentioned dietary supplements, and Behrad’s old job. Mick listens in on some of the local cops (which shouldn’t have worked; one of the reason police have stopped using ten codes is they varied so much by department) while John Constantine and Eva suddenly shift accents to talk to the locals. Spooner starts getting some weird feelings about what might be the alien they’re looking for, which leads to a misunderstanding, a spate of trouble calls throughout the city, and some literal grand theft auto. The team splits up, some staying to infiltrate the burger joint, others to see what’s going on around town.

Sara and Gary compare notes about the new version of what we know about Gary (I’m still not sold on that), and Sara keeps getting disappointed. Sara has questions, but Gary doesn’t really have answers. Their guide shows up again with a disturbing new accessory. Eva, John Constantine, Spooner, and Mick go to a local business, which has been set up with really creepy lighting. They make a strange discovery, but it doesn’t go where they thought, and we see just how much Spooner is off the rails about some things. Also, there was a big deal about Spooner’s hat last episode, which now seems to have utterly disappeared. In an effort to prevent a loss of information, Eva takes something from Spooner. I don’t blame that girl for not liking these people so far.

Following along after their odd guide, Gary talks about what plants are like where he’s from, and Sara is clearly losing patience. Then they run across one of history’s most famous missing persons, and things get even stranger. Behrad rhapsodizes about his former job, and Zari gives one of her exasperated looks that she’s getting quite good at. They bicker about the Air Totem and their own sibling rivalry, and see how Nate’s doing with his new job. The other bit of the team gets some odd leads as Constantine casts a spell with unintended and unexpected results, and they realize the alien influence is even stranger than they thought. Mick continues his role of designated grouch and grouses about their plan, or lack thereof.

After some more odd bro moments with Nate and Behrad, they get the warning from the Waverider about the new discoveries. This leaves the “burger buddies” in a bad spot as they have to figure out how to keep things from getting worse. After some weird interactions with a crazed waitress and a disagreement with the manager, they get a new lead for the others to check out. Sara and Gary try and figure out what’s going on with their newest acquaintance, and things keep getting weirder. Mick, enjoying the ride he’s procured, chauffeurs the others to the next clue, and Spooner and Eva argue some more. It’s at this point that Mick inexplicably disappears from the episode, and no one seems to notice. I wonder if weird scenes like this are behind the actor, Dominic Purcell, announcing he’s leaving the show after this season.

Eva goes undercover, once again feeling compelled to use an odd accent, and chats with Rhonda, the wife of Bert, the Big Bang Burger’s manager. Rhonda doesn’t seem happy about her uninvited guest, and Eva keeps trying to discover anything that would lead to the alien they need to find. Finally, she makes a discovery, and tries to slip away. Things get worse at the burger place while Spooner and Constantine make an odd discovery in the garage. Upstairs, Eva gets several surprises, one of them a bit unlikely for such a highly trained government agent.

Finding herself in a new and not-good situation, Eva gets the benefit of a villain monologue that gives us the backstory on the strange things afoot in San Bernadino. There’s another allusion to a fast food legend, and we see the depths of insanity that the villain in question has descended to. Eva tries to reason with the bad guy, but there’s no reaching some people. Fortunately, Spooner doesn’t listen well and ends up saving Eva. Zari, Behrad, and Nate come up with some unlikely ways to deal with their major problems. Once again, I think Nate’s powers would have been helpful, but once again, Nate has apparently forgotten he has them. There is an important bonding moment between Behrad and Zari as they get to work.

After freeing Eva and some jokes about fast food, John, Eva, and Spooner lose track of their villain and get another monologue. The rant gets cut off quickly when another problem rears its ugly head, and we see something that looks a lot like a certain character from the Godzilla movies. They make an attempt at a capture and interrogation, but things go awry and there’s an end to the threat, at least, as well as an amusing line from Eva. Regrouping on the Waverider, Eva and Spooner have a talk, and it sounds like Spooner will be sticking around for a while, although she has a unique take on what she needs. Zari and Behrad also have a talk, and a blast from the past shows up and does something surprising to end one of their points of contention. We see the start of an ongoing thing throughout the Arrowverse as the team gets ready to leave.

The final scene returns us to Sara and Gary. Their new “friend” gets stranger and stranger, and even Gary can’t miss the clues that something’s not right. Things go from odd to dangerous as they get attacked and decide it’s time to flee. On their own again, Gary does his best to help Sara as they start to see more strange things. Things are looking bad as we, and Sara, fade to black.

What I liked: The team is adjusting to their new weirdness as well as can be expected. I’m enjoying watching them all try and figure out Spooner and her place in things. Eva is doing a great job leading the team, or at least as much as anyone can actually lead this mob. I liked seeing the old friend near the end, even if it was far too brief. The show in general is just enjoyably silly, and it works for them.

What I didn’t: Mick shouldn’t have been able to understand the cops, as noted above, and where the heck did he go? He decided he was bored and wandered off? I’m still not really sure about this newest version of Gary. Nate never used his powers at all, Zari and Behrad used theirs for silly tricks, and Constantine seemed largely disinterested in this one.

It was an overall fun episode, as they tend to be, but had a few holes. I’ll give it a 3 out of 5.