Young Justice: Exceptional Human Beings


A serious rematch

There has been a truly impressive amount of things going on in Young Justice: Outsiders. With so many plots and so many things happening, it’s hard to get to see what everyone is up to. Now, we see another split-off team, the last founding member of the titular team who hadn’t shown up, some great fights, and the beginning of another hero’s tragic origin. Whatever else is going on, we get to see some truly “Exceptional Human Beings.”

Aside from two brief, but important, scenes, we haven’t seen much of Batman this season. Now, we check in on him, Katana, and Metamorpho (the final Outsider who hadn’t turned up) as they infiltrate Santa Prisca, island home of Bane, with some help from Oracle. In Detroit, high school football star Vic Stone calls his scientist father, Silas, to remind him about the big game that night. Silas is, as usual, wrapped up in his lab work, and gets a video call from Steel, AKA Dr. John Henry Irons, about studying a captured Father Box. Silas gets, and dismisses, a warning about the device.

While Metamorpho uses some unorthodox means of distraction and disguise to help him and Katana evade guards, we get a domestic scene with Connor Kent and Megan Morse, which is both a nice little moment and a reminder this isn’t really a kid’s cartoon. In Owings Mills, and I have no idea why they keep training in Maryland, Nightwing runs Geo-Force, Halo, and Forager through their paces. Geo-Force is still a hothead, there are some interesting personal developments, and some more input from observers Dr. Helga Jace and the semi-retired Black Lightning.

Katana and Metamorpho find warriors being trained by the deadly Lady Shiva, and Oracle advises them to stay away from her. A helicopter arrives, and they decide to follow when Shiva and one recruit go to meet it. In Maryland, Geo-Force continues to be obnoxious, and shows he really needs more training. The helicopter is carrying one of the deadliest men on the planet: Deathstroke the Terminator. He and Shiva talk about training, their new jobs, failed recruit Tara, and, after dismissing her, the female warrior, who turns out to be Cassandra Savage. Savage was a big part of an earlier episode. At Hank Haywood (the World War II hero Steel) High, there’s an interesting scene in the team locker room. We see Vic is very focused on the game, his teammates are variously hung up on Wonder Woman, Black Canary, and Zatanna, and the towel boy is Cisco Ramone, Vibe in the comics and on the Flash tv show. Also, one of Vic’s teammates is voiced by Khary Payton, the Walking Dead’s King Ezekiel, who also voices Black Lightning, Dr. Silas Stone, and, more interestingly, played Cyborg in the earlier Teen Titans cartoon.

Batman’s team has trouble in their exfiltration, as it turns out Bane knew they were there. This turns into an extremely interesting fight, with Batman, Katana, and Metamorpho on one side, and Deathstroke, Bane, and Shiva on the other. Considering Deathstroke has both beaten Batman and entire teams on his own, Shiva has fought the Dark Knight to a standstill, and Bane famously broke the Bat in Knightfall, the heroes were lucky to escape, even with Oracle’s help. In Star City and the increasingly crowded Crock house, Artemis and Will/Roy help Halo pick yet another new name (one she used in the comics) and the Harper clan gets both bigger and stranger. There’s a nice scene between Will and Jade/Cheshire, who sort of stops by. It’s not the best of visits.

As Batman’s team manages their escape, more pieces fall into place for Victor’s upcoming story. Dad, of course, missed the game, a scout drops by to try and recruit Victor for Metropolis U, and Silas is working with Green Lantern. I’m not sure it’s legal for scouts to be talking to high school students without their parents, or where Mrs. Stone is in all this. I suspect there’s going to be a badly timed visit/confrontation and that the sparking machinery is foreshadowing.


What I liked: I’m glad Metamorpho finally showed up, and that we got to see some of what Batman is up to. Between them, Batman, Katana, and Metamorpho are half the founding Outsiders (Geo-Force, Halo, and Black Lightning are the other three). I’m intrigued to see them putting in Vic Stone (and have no idea why both this show and Doom Patrol have tied him to Detroit). The fight on the island was great. Cassandra Savage being trained by Shiva has the makings of a remarkably dangerous individual. It’s nice seeing Oracle get credit for how influential and essential she was in the comics before the New 52 undid all that. I wonder if they’re going to do something with Cisco, or that was just a cameo. The Will/Jade scene was nicely done. Actually, all the little character moments throughout the season and series have been impressive.

What I didn’t: Geo-Force is getting annoying. He needs to chill out. I’m not sure why Jace keeps hanging around the edges of the story, which is worrying if you know her comic book history. I’m not sure I buy that Batman’s group held their own against those three villains.


All in all, another great episode in a series I’ve been hugely enjoying. I’ll give this a 4 out of 5.


Note- while another season of the show has been announced, that was before recent developments at DC Universe. I’m not sure what the future holds for this series.