Harley Quinn: New Gotham

Season Two begins with “New Gotham,” which is an interesting little mess. As a quick recap: the Justice League is trapped in the Fairy Tale Realm, Joker is MIA possibly dead, Batman is missing, and Gotham is in ruins.

Harley Quinn: Bensonhurst

At the end of last episode, Harley was very much going through one of those, “You don’t know what you got ‘til it’s gone,” moments. She got into the Legion of Doom, but lost her crew and her best friend, and was, of course, betrayed yet again by the Joker.

Harley Quinn: A High Bar

   I admit that I’m having a split reaction to DC Universe’s Harley Quinn. The writing, casting, and voice performances are actually pretty good. The blood-spatter fight scenes aren’t to my taste at all. Harley is a favorite character of mine, I’m just not sure about this take on some of it.


Knightfall – He Broke the Batman

As I stated in my introduction, “Knightfall” is the first story line that I will be discussing. To give some historical background, it was published from April 1993 to October 1993. Characters such as Bane and Jean-Paul Valley were introduced earlier, but reading those stories aren’t necessary to understanding “Knightfall.” However, I would recommend reading Vengeance of Bane because it introduces the character of Bane, giving the reader some insight into him and his background.


New Feature: Batman Comics Revisited

Today starts a new column where I read, discuss, review, and revisit the Batman-family canon of comic books. I should preface this by saying that it has recently become my personal reading project to reread the Batman comics canon, starting from “Knightfall” and ending, well, it will probably never end. I have many goals for this project, the first of which is to simply be entertained. That’s what comics are all about in the end. It’s entertainment.