Harley Quinn: The Line


King Shark gets a shock and a lesson about judging by appearances 

Several plots come together for this episode of Harley Quinn. We get the return of a character I thought had been introduced as a joke, Harley’s ongoing obsession with impressing the Legion of Doom, a very obscure Justice League character, and more developments with Ivy’s love life. We also find out that Harley has some limits in “The Line.”

The episode starts off with Tammy (who seems to go back and forth between talk show host and reporter) covering the court-ordered release of the Queen of Fables from her transformed tax code state. We also learn that Harley and the Queen have been having weekly coffee, which just seems like a bad idea to me. Based on some vague advice from the Queen, Harley decides to go after something that will involve stops at two different DC high-tech locations, STAR Labs and KORD Industries. Sadly, while KORD is owned by and named for Ted Kord, the Blue Beetle, he never shows up. Then again, considering how they treat a lot of characters, that may be for the best.


After a cameo by Zatanna, the Queen is free… from the book. The legal system isn’t done with the Queen, and Harley is her usual impulsive and kind to her friends self. Ivy tries to make some suggestions, but Harley isn’t listening. While the team starts to get an idea of what working with the Queen is actually going to be like, Ivy sneaks out for some business of her own, which she’s clearly conflicted about.


Part one of the heist has an interesting guest star and a complication. In a major lapse in judgement, the gang leaves the Queen behind to handle this as they steal their gadget for part one. They are successful, but then shocked to see what the Queen did in their absence. Harley tries to fix one small part of it. The clean up gets so bad that even the savage King Shark faints. Regrouping back at the Mall, Ivy gets in a reasonable “I told you so.” Harley puts her foot down, which at least doesn’t go as badly as it could have.


Ivy’s evening takes a turn for the embarrassing, which makes Ivy look not so great. Continuing their quest, the team loses a guest star, gets an entertaining “Just in case” last request from Harley, and gets their gizmo. King Shark gets in some more good lines. He really is growing on me. Their triumphant return home is marred by the Queen, who is living up to Ivy’s fears and not at all up to Harley’s hopes. After banter and threats, the Queen herself gets upstaged by another plot twist and a version of an obscure hero.


Things go badly at the Mall and on the date. Ivy’s feelings catch up with her and she offends someone. The crew gets an origin story, a rant, and some demands. Harley comes up with a clever plan that catches everyone by surprise, and helps resolve one of the many problems. Ivy, showing more emotional depth and maturity than anyone on this show, faces up to her feelings and promises to try and do better. The battle goes on, with amusing side commentary from Clayface and Dr. Psycho. It ends with a series of unexpected events, and Harley making some decisions about who she and, much more importantly, who she isn’t. Ivy comes back just in time for an amusing ending that puts them back to square one.


What I liked: There was better humor in this one. I’m impressed the writers even knew who the guest star was. A lot of comic book readers even would have missed that one. Ivy’s date night was entertaining (although I admit, I’m not sure some of that fits with the character). I’m finding it interesting that KORD is showing up so much in the Arrowverse and now here. Wanda Sykes did a great job as the Queen of Fables.


What I didn’t: I’m not sure why they bothered to use an obscure character and then change them so much.


It was an entertaining episode. I’ll give this one a 3.5 out of 5.