Krypton: The Alpha and The Omega

Krypton - Season 2

Adam gets his comic book look just in time for the end 

I’m not sure this has happened to me before, but while I was watching “The Alpha and the Omega,” which was the season two finale for Krypton, I got word the series had been cancelled. So the season finale became a series finale, and Krypton joined several other shows in the cancellation heap from this year, with more on the way out next year (Arrow, Agents of SHIELD). It was an odd confluence of events. As both a series and season finale, there will be spoilers below.

The show began with Zod ordering his fleet to Earth, using the designation Space Sector 2814. That’s what the Guardians of the Universe call Earth’s general area, which Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and various other Earth-based Green Lanterns are responsible for. Why Zod, or Krypton in general, is using that terminology, I’m not sure. But after that ominous note, we jump back to…

12 Hours Earlier. What’s left of Wegthor is raining down on Kandor (and presumably the rest of Krypton, but we rarely see anywhere else but this city and the Outlands), the people are on edge, and Lis-Ser has the unenviable job of telling Zod about this. Val-El coms in, and he and Zod exchange insults and threats. Adam is very much enjoying Kryptonian pharmacology, and Nyssa tries to encourage him that Val will find a way to help him. Adam tells Nyssa about Sardath, Rann, and how the Zeta-Beamer works, which she seems very interested in. Jayna and Val drink, which is out of character for one of them, and Jayna gets to break the latest bad news to Lyta, who comes in from her nap confused about the meteorites falling.

Seg is dodging chunks of the former moon as he tries to get home, and finally manages to reach Val. Val and Nyssa are thrilled to hear he’s alive, but then saddened when he tells them about Kem. Val bestows a great posthumous honor on Kem. Adam wakes up to Nyssa doing something she really shouldn’t be doing. He tells her not to, but given his current condition, can’t stop her as she takes the Zeta Beam to go to Rann to beg Sardath for help getting Jor-El back. She ends up someplace she doesn’t recognize at all and, initially, neither do we.

Lyta takes in the big news about Wegthor, and insists Seg is still alive. There’s no good news about the rebels, either, and Lyta decides they have to go after Zod tonight, once and for all. Jayna isn’t sure this is the best plan, but Dev agrees as well. Lyta outlines a very thin plan, but is at least smart enough to acknowledge it’s not the best one, simply the best they have. Their spirits get a boost when Val, Seg, and the remaining rebels straggle in. Zod carries out an interrogation, and shows precisely what kind of leader he is and what his word is worth. Commander Dahl looks on and does not seem pleased by this.

Adam, Val, and Seg have a wake for Kem. I suspect there will be more time for grieving later, but they do pay honor to their fallen friend. They talk about Kem, Doomsday, and Zod, and Lyta makes an interesting, but I’d say fair, comparison. Lyta mentions her plan being in motion, and Seg suddenly notices Nyssa isn’t there, causing an awkward pause. Speaking of, Nyssa herself is trying to figure out where she is, and has a brief, one-sided conversation with a local after making a disturbing discovery. I’d say so far, she’s not enjoying her trip.

The injured Adam gets some rest, but pleads with Val to not take him out of the fight. Val does his best to reassure him, and tells the Earthman he’s done more than enough already. Adam tells Val how he feels about the Els, and that Krypton is essentially his home now (partially because of the time he’s spent here, partially because Nyssa stole his ride). Val says they owe him a debt, and will do everything he can to make it up to him. Lyta is in the midst of laying her plan out when she gets a call from one of her people in Fort Rozz. It’s not a good call and ends abruptly.

Dev and Lyta draw up a battle plan, based on experience and some special insight into their foe. Seg comes up with his own twist on it, and it’s not a horrible idea. Lyta has some suggestions as well. The burden of protecting the Outlanders gets eased when they decide they’re joining in the fight. Seg slips into Kandor and very publicly calls out Zod. It’s a decent speech, although Zod isn’t likely to be swayed by words at this point. The General himself shows up with his guards, ready to deal with Seg, when the rebels play their hold-out card. Lyta, after being publicly executed a while back, pops up and explains to everyone in great detail what Zod has been doing. It really doesn’t look good for him. Their argument goes on as the battle rages in the Outlands. To no surprise, Zod refuses to submit, even after he sees how much support he’s lost. Seg takes his coat off and gives one of Christopher Reeve’s famed lines from the Superman movies. It’s a brutal fight, with Zod ranting that Seg isn’t Superman, and Seg getting in a good comeback. Zod tries to cheat, and Lyta enters the fray. Their fight is intercut with scenes of the big battle in the Outlands. Finally, the good guys are triumphant, and the Commander pulls the Sagatari away from the fight. Lyta comes up with a decent, if likely temporary, solution for what to do about Zod, which leads back to what we saw in the opening.

Almost everyone gets some version of a happy ending. There are celebrations all over, with some unlikely people toasting each other. They get some more good news from some of the fallen pieces of Wegthor. Nyssa does some searching, and sees winged figures overhead, and a large Omega symbol painted near a cave entrance. There are a few interpretations of this. The winged people above strongly suggest Nyssa has ended up on Thanagar, home of Hawkman and Hawkwoman. Hawkwoman was supposed to be part of season one, and then cut from the scripts. I never did hear why. The Omega symbol could be a sign that the Omega Men, a group of DC’s spaceborne heroes, were planned for season three, which is now, of course, not happening. The other possibility is the flying ones are Parademons, soldiers from Apocolypse, servants of Darkseid, who often uses the Omega symbol for himself. I suppose there’s an outside chance Nyssa’s on Starhaven, a planet peopled by American Indians who eventually developed wings, and was the home of the Legion of Super Heroes’ Dawnstar. Back on Krypton, there’s also a big discovery in the Outlands.

At the party Seg ends up at, there are a few surprises. Adam has gotten a present from Val to help with his current condition, and finally looks a lot more like his comic book version. After Adam does a bad impression of Tony Stark from the first Iron Man movie, and Val shows he’s not above a victory drink or several, Seg hears a familiar voice. Lobo, somehow, has turned up here, and wants Seg’s help in tracking down Brainiac. Since tracking is supposed to be one Lobo’s powers, I’m not sure why that’s happening. Maybe it would have been explained next season, or in Lobo’s spin-off, which has also been cancelled. The episode, season, and series close with Brainiac talking to infant Jor-El, and bringing him someplace surprising for what can’t be good reasons.

What I liked: We finally (probably) got to see Thanagarians. Adam has adopted his comic book look, and there’s even a decent reason for it. Lyta had a good plan, and Seg took a big risk for his part of it. Seg’s line to Zod was great, as was his response to Zod’s taunts about not being Superman. I get why Nyssa did what she did, but it was still a big risk and a betrayal.

What I didn’t: It was a decent enough episode. They clearly had more planned we won’t get to see, like many of the Netflix/Marvel shows.

I’ll give the episode and series a 3 out of 5. It had potential to be better, but it could have been so much worse.

And so, we say goodbye to Krypton.